Korean Karate - Soo Bahk Do

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Benefits of training with us

Unlike a health club, where the focus is primarily on physical well being, traditional martial arts training sharpens the mind, body and spirit.
If you are a weight lifter or are active in another sport you will find this to be an excellent way to cross train.

As a martial artist you will be perceived as a well balanced, stress-free individual who is capable of tremendous discipline and strength. 

  • You will learn valuable self-defense techniques
  • Increase your energy levels 
  • Reduce the stress that develops from day-to-day challenges
  • Learn leadership skills
  • You will see a dramatic improvement in your outlook and attitude!


What Does Soo Bahk Do Have to Offer?

Every parent wants their child to

  • Do well in school.
  • Be safe from physical, mental, and moral danger.
  • Maximize their full potential.


Unlike most martial arts programs, the curriculum is not watered down for children. Here the student will learn the concepts and applications of

  • Self defense 
  • Self confidence
  • Discipline
  • Respect

The student will also learn the beauty of East Asian history, tradition, and culture and how it relates to Soo Bahk Do.




 Soo Bahk Do Class

  • All of the above and you are expected to do it better than the kick boxers!
  • You are also expected to learn about the martial arts aspects this activity.

Typical Class

10-15 min stretching/warm up

30-40 min Core Fit Bootcamp kicking/punching/combinations

10-15 min theme of the class ( selfdefense, one-steps, hyung, sparring, etc.)

10 – Hyung (Forms)

10 – Sparring

Cool down (includes sit-ups, stretching, pushups, etc.)




As a certified studio under the US Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation, and World Moo Duk Kwan, Martial Arts of Westchester upholds to the highest standards of martial arts instruction. All classes are taught by Peter Murray, Kyo Sa Nim, who is a 3rd Dan and certified instructor.

The art of Soo Bahk Do involves the development of the mind and the body. There are three areas of development that we focus on in our training: Neh Gung (Internal Energy), Weh Gung (External Energy) and Shim Gung (Mental/Spiritual Energy). Neh Gung can be considered our breath during our technique, Weh Gung is our body’s action (use of hip) and Shim Gung is our attitude; our discipline (Moo Do). Our Founder, Kwan Jang Nim Hwang Kee, introduced a systematic and scientific method of training to enable us to realize our full potential. Through this system, each area builds on the next and is progressively more involved. Our art consists of the following training areas:

  • Ki Cho (Basic Motions)
  • Hyung (Forms)
  • Il Soo Sik Dae Ryun (One Step Sparring)
  • Ho Sin Sool (Self-Defense)
  • Ja Yu Dae Ryun (Free Sparring)
  • Kyok Pa (Breaking)
  • Moo Pahl Dan Khum (Breathing/Energy Exercises)


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