Parents Suing District over Daughter's Birth-Control Pills

Peekskill High School/Patch file photo
Peekskill High School/Patch file photo

Parents of a former Peekskill student—one a teacher and coach there—say they are suing the district because a member of the Peekskill High School staff took their daughter off campus to a health clinic to get birth-control pills, according to USA Today. 

Peekskill school district officials told Patch they have not been served with any legal papers as of June 4.

Reporter Swapna Venugopal in The Journal News said the suit was filed May 30 in state Supreme Court by an attorney for Anthony and Eva Jackson of Newburgh, NY.

Named in the suit along with district officials are James and Dawn Tosto, a Peekskill High School psychologist and his wife who is on the staff of the Hudson Valley Community Health Center. 

The Jacksons said they filed the suit on behalf of an unknown number of families whose children had been given reproductive health services. 

Under state law, health services to students require parental consent—which can be presumed if an opt-out is offered but not taken.  

According to a second story in The Journal News, Jackson is on leave from his teaching job at Woodside Elementary School. District officials would not comment to Venugopal about his employment status. 

Kirsten Berger June 06, 2014 at 02:00 PM
Joshua Tanner, not all responsible parents are not leaving the district. We are staying and fighting. There had a been a meeting about some aspects of the curriculum for parents just this last week, partly to quash some rumors going around and we parents who were there were very outspoken, passionate, badass and not willing to back down from making things better. There are many problems and much secrecy and we suffer no fools. So just wanted to let you know, we're not leaving and we really want the schools to perform better. Letters are being written, meetings are being held and we are staying tough. I'm starting to think the admin doesn't quite know what to do with parents like us, usually they just leave the district. As for this situation with the Tostos and Jacksons, WTF? I am speechless.
donaldo June 08, 2014 at 10:38 AM
Seems pretty serious. Isn't this some sort of sexual crime if proven?
donaldo June 08, 2014 at 04:29 PM
Would like to see more focus on providing better practical opportunities for our people instead of "Pied Piper" type stuff.


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