A Commitment to Women's Rights

The 19th District can’t afford a Congressperson who’s helping her party roll back long-held and hard-fought victories for women.

The 19th District can’t afford a Congressperson who’s helping her party roll back long-held and hard-fought victories for women. Our community doesn’t support the Republican War on Women, and we deserve better than a loyal foot soldier for the Tea Party. 

Today I announced the host committee for a “Women for Becker” event to be held on March 4th during the first weekend of Women’s History Month. The event will take place from 1-4 pm at Kathleen’s Tea Room at 979 Main Street in downtown Peekskill.

The host committee includes Assemblywoman Sandy Galef, Peekskill Mayor Mary Foster, Cortlandt Town Supervisor Linda Puglisi, Westchester County Legislator Catherine Borgia, Peekskill Councilwomen Drew Claxton and Kathleen Talbot, Croton-on-Hudson Trustee Ann Gallelli, and prominent area activists Nancy Shatzkin, Patty Peckham, and Catherine Gorycki.

I wanted to pass along a few quotes from members of the host committee:

"This is a pivotal election for women. We need a Representative who’ll stand up for all women in the Hudson Valley. Richard Becker is a committed advocate for the rights we take for granted but that are now at risk. He’s a leader with a clear record of accomplishment, and I’m proud to support him,” said Assemblywoman Sandy Galef (D - Ossining) of the 90th District.

“When Hurricane Irene struck, people throughout the 19th district needed help immediately. Rather than stand up for her constituents, the current Congresswoman fell in line behind Eric Cantor and stalled federal aid. As a local elected official, Richard Becker understands the need to put us first,” said Westchester County Legislator Catherine Borgia (D - Ossining).

“I’ve been a leader in the fight to protect our environment for over a decade. Nan Hayworth, though, hasn’t said a peep about the danger posed by Hydrofracking. Our Congressperson has to be there for us whenever the environment is under attack, not just show up when its convenient. Richard Becker’s taken tough stands for the environment, and he’ll keep doing so once he’s in Congress,” said Councilwoman Drew Claxton (D - Peekskill).

“Growing up in Peekskill, I’ve seen how the decline of manufacturing has hurt our community. Last year, Nan Hayworth had a chance to stand up to Chinese currency manipulation and give local manufacturers a chance. Instead, she caved in to the GOP leadership and helped to vote the measure down. Richard Becker will fight to make sure we have enough good paying jobs so that anyone can raise a family in the Hudson Valley,” said Councilwoman Kathleen Talbot (D - Peekskill).

“As a village Trustee, I’ve worked hard to keep taxes low and find creative ways to fund necessary programs. Nan Hayworth has blindly voted to cut programs that help women and families and voted to hike taxes on the struggling middle class. Richard Becker will protect important initiatives and won’t try to balance the budget on our backs,” said Trustee Ann Gallelli (D - Croton-on-Hudson)

“For years, I’ve been helping seniors stay in the community and live near their families. Nan Hayworth’s voted to make that harder. Ending Social Security and Medicare as we know them would devastate seniors and hurt their families. That’s not a pro-family or pro-woman agenda. Richard Becker will defend these cornerstones of the middle class,” said Croton Housing Network President Nancy Shatzkin.

“Dr. Richard Becker will be a strong force in Congress for a clean environment. A vote for Nan Hayworth is a vote for the radically anti-environment House Republican Majority. At every turn, they’ve tried to undermine key environmental safeguards and support big polluters and dirty energy. Richard Becker’s been fighting against these kinds of abuses during his entire career in public life,” said host committee member and area activist Patty Peckham.

As mentioned above, the “Women for Becker” event will be held on March 4th from 1-4 pm at Kathleen’s Tea Room at 979 Main Street in downtown Peekskill, and costs $75 to attend. If you would like to attend, please follow this link: http://bit.ly/women4becker.

I hope I'll see you there on March 4th.


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Shar March 13, 2012 at 12:15 PM
To tell you the truth, I don't see a war on women by the GOP...someone is far out there in a delusional world blaming the Republicans.
jo March 13, 2012 at 12:45 PM
ITS NOT A WAR ON WOMAN.. ITS A WAR ON THE TAX PAYER...War on woman is a myth the dems will try and use to get elected.. meanwhile sticking their hands in our pockets over and over....
Hagrid Miller March 14, 2012 at 09:35 PM
How can you say that women are treated fairly when they don't even earn equal pay. On average women only earn 77% of what men earn, and that is half a century after legislation was enacted to outlaw this unfair and discriminatory practice. Please read this article and explain to me how there is no war on women. (http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1983185,00.html) Furthermore, when the Lily Bedletter bill came before the Senate and the House, where was the Republican support? So it seems that women aren't that equal after all Liz. Also, how can you argue that there is no war on women, when all of the legislation pertaining to contraceptives are aimed at women; it takes two to "tango", and I think we all know I'm not talking about the stork.
dleighg March 14, 2012 at 09:58 PM
And let us remember that the most effective contraceptives (those taken by women rather than worn by men) all require a prescription-- doctor's visit, and not insignificant cost. Why should these prescriptions not be covered like any other medication?
Bob Ogden March 14, 2012 at 11:09 PM
What truly amazes me in this recurring debate is how many women there are that either don't see what's going on or are in denial. The current crop of republican contenders are absolutely horrid. Rick Santorum actually believes that a woman made pregnant during a rape should accept this "gift" and carry it to term. It isn't religion, it isn't science, it's about men telling women what they can and can't do with their own bodies. We still in 2012 have not passed the Equal Rights Amendment that would guarantee women equal rights to those of men. Yes, I'm a man, but I've demonstrated in Albany and Washington DC on numerous occasions with the women that I love and respect. Wake up America, once we allow a Theocracy to take power and oppress women, they won't stop there.


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