Decorative Street Lamps to Brighten Cortlandt Boulevard (Route 6)

Supervisor Puglisi writes about the town's plans to install decorative street lamps along Route 6 this month.

This is from Supervisor Linda Puglisi: Eight new decorative street lamps will be put up by the Town of Cortlandt in early April to enhance the attractiveness of the major commercial corridor in our Town.  The cost of the street lamps ($90,000.) is covered by the private sector from developments that had applications before the Town’s planning board.

Once the applications were thoroughly reviewed by our Planning Board requests were made by the town (not mandatory) to help in the plans for short term and long term improvements.

The street lamps were funded by contributions from Curry Automotive, which is the parent company on behalf of Curry Toyota, Curry Subaru and Curry Hyundai, and by Best Buy, which opened a few years ago.  Phase One of the “Cortlandt Boulevard” plans were new stone based signs at either end of this New York State road (also know as Route 6) and they were also paid for by a development project that was before the planning board several years ago (a storage unit business).

Therefore, Phase I and Phase II of the enhancement were all paid by private sector funds, NOT from our taxpayers NOR from the Town treasury.  Road safety plans will be paid for by a Federal grant (80%) and the Town (20%) over the next few years.

These projects also provide for more Cortlandt identity and for beautification of the corridor. Along with the seasonal banners that the Town puts up and the lovely pear trees that were planted years ago, the “Cortlandt Boulevard” is improving in appearance and many more aesthetic plans, as well as, safety improvements are being planned (e.g. less curb cuts, more signage, perhaps additional traffic signals and of course solutions for the traffic on the hill).

 We ask everyone to drive slowly, observe the signage, speed limits and the signals inorder to eliminate accidents on this corridor.  Also, we encourage everyone to shop and to do business in our lovely Town.


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