Peekskill Brewery Large Scale Expansion Plans Revealed

The new Brewery will triple its beer making capacity and move into a newly renovated four story building on S. Water Street.

Three times the beer will be brewed and (most likely) consumed at a new after the owners complete a major relocation and expansion. Owners Morgan and Keith Berardi, siblings, presented their construction plans to the City Council at their March 12 work session.

The Berardis will be renting the old Meyer’s Furniture building, owned by Rose Sanca, at 47 S. Water St., which will house a much bigger Peekskill Brewery than the one that currently occupies 55 Hudson Ave. The new building will include a 15 barrel brew house, more than three times the size of the Brewery’s current 3.5 barrel brew house. It will also feature four stories of beer-related food and fun.

  • Floor One: Growler Room and Brew House                                  The first floor will include the “tap room” and a growler station where they will serve pub snacks in a lounge like seating area. It will also house the brewery part of the establishment, said Morgan Berardi at the meeting.
  • Floor Two: Bar, Restaurant and Grain Room                                The second floor will include a comfortable bar where people can sit and enjoy meals, similar to the current front room bar they have now, Berardi said. A restaurant that can seat 80 will be located on the second floor as well, along with a kitchen with an open component and a small room called the grain room. The grain room will be a small area with windows that people can look through to watch the grain go through the floor into the first floor brew house.
  • Floor Three: Cool Ship Gallery                                                      The third floor will be the “cool ship gallery.” The cool ship is a piece of brewing equipment that looks like a big hot tub for beer, used for fermenting. The owners hope to make that the feature of a large gallery space, where they will invite local artists to hold shows. This space can also be used for special events. There will also be a service bar on this floor.
  • Floor Four: Private Dining and Kitchen                                           The fourth floor would include a separate kitchen and a room for private dining and parties. “We get requests all the time for weddings, baptisms, parties...that we can’t fulfill in our current space,” Berardi said. 
  • Roof Deck                                                                                    “And the cherry on top is the roof top. We would like to see a beer garden there,” Berardi told the Council.

All floors will have bathrooms and an elevator will make the building handicap accessible. 

Berardi added that they are hoping to put their beer on the market and expect this to be easier to do with the larger brew house and because they will now have their own parking lot.

She also commended their chef, Sean Corcoran and the new brewer they have brought onto the project, Jeff O Neil. Berardi called O’Neil one of the best brewers on the East Coast, and mentioned many different beer awards he has won.

The Berardis will present their plan to the Planning Board and are seeking a special permit from them tonight.

When Councilman Darren Rigger asked about their timeline, Berardi said they have already put money down on the brew house, which is due to ship at the end of May.

“And that is where it all begins.”

Mayor Mary Foster said, “This is very exciting. It is wonderful the business has grown so well. Congratulations.”


Are you excited for the Brewery expansion? What would you want to see included in the new location?

The Peekskill Brewery is the winner of Patch's "Food Fight, Read about them .


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josh March 13, 2012 at 07:06 PM
Looks like a great way to bring commerce to Peekskill. It is definitely a much needed investment in the town!
Evan Schwartz March 13, 2012 at 08:28 PM
As a local musician, I'd love to see another venue for live music... Sounds like they certainly have the space. PB, please take the lead from 12 Grapes and consider a dedicated stage. Upper Westchester / Putnam is hurting for another place....
Ian March 14, 2012 at 10:27 AM
That sounds great. I'm glad the business is doing so well.
E. Wolfert July 03, 2012 at 06:46 AM
When can we look forward to the opening of your new locale? It is now July and my friends and I can hardly wait.
Rusty Still March 08, 2013 at 12:36 AM
Now they owe the contractors 1 million bucks? I don't want to be an "I told you so" but this isn't good. The prices went up and now bad press? The beginning of the end. How many $6.00 beers can you really have?


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