Deadline Approaching for Peekskill Community Survey

Monday (Jan. 20) is the last chance for local folks to complete the online Peekskill Community Survey on Crime and Public Safety, according to this post by Kelli Henry, Ph.D, the principal investigator of the study.

The survey is available here on the city's website. It is offered in English and Spanish, and organizers say it takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Survey takers are asked to rate their sense of security at different locations across the downtown area, including parking garages, parks and shopping centers, during the day and at night. One question asks how often any of the following is observed: abandoned cars, abandoned buildings or lots, dog fighting, homeless people sleeping outside, overcrowding, panhandling or begging, youth congregation on the sidewalk, and more.

Have you taken the survey? Leave your thoughts here.

Tina Bongar January 17, 2014 at 09:51 AM
This survey is so important because we need to really support the new Chief of Police Eric Johansen in developing his overall strategy and plan for the upcoming years. Not only do I think the survey results are going to address some of the key quality of life issues like litter, overcrowding, feelings and perceptions of public safety BUT I think with the approach of this survey and Kelli Henry who is spearheading it, we'll see some very positive results from it. Please take the time to do it, and yes, get through the demographic questions and give your input, it'll it be worth it in the years to come.
Heather Sullivan January 17, 2014 at 12:50 PM
I took the survey. Personally, I hardly ever see a police presence in my neighborhood, and I do wish that there were more regular patrols, especially at night during the summer when there seem to be a lot of youths loitering in the streets and being disruptive. I also wish the city would do more to address littering, but I don't see that as a police issue. They could, in my opinion, do a lot just by placing public garbage cans on major streets outside the central business district. I'm thinking of Highland Ave. especially, which is always full of garbage, discarded food/chicken bones, etc.
Tina Bongar January 17, 2014 at 01:47 PM
Hi Heather, Thank you for taking the survey and posting! I'm so glad you're bringing up litter because it's a city services issue (its a Community Policing issue when they start issuing citations for litter to businesses and residents who are responsible for litter on their property and who will be really angry that they are being fined for other peoples negligence and ignorance). The city rationale in the past is that they don't want to put out public garbage cans because people will dump household trash in them, that is, because homes are limited to 4 trash bags per pick-up. The new mayor and council members want to change this 4-bag ordinance and because DPW is much more efficient these days there may more labor available to pick up the city cans too. What we really need is for the City to step up and make a plan, and if the Chief of Police says, the survey said everyone in Peekskill wants litter picked up they've got to at least listen. But again, we need a plan...
joshua tanner January 17, 2014 at 06:06 PM
I filled that out last month and it had an earlier deadline so I guess it got extended. Loitering, lose dogs, graffiti, litter, speeding, drivers without licenses - these are things I highlighted. In Washington St area we had (in about a years time) a murder, a stabbing with wound (Dollar Store area) a couple knife robberies (by one guy who got a measly 1k bail for 2 offenses when one is around 25-50k most other places). There were also shots fired on Smith st with fired bullets found in a garage. The west side of town never had action quite like this. A lot of the crimes, loitering, trash trace to a few homes everyone understands are Section 8. More broadly: litter, speeding, unlicensed/insured drivers, social clubs run out of garages are all over. People think nothing of blowing down a residential street at 40mph. Their vehicles bounce up and down like wayward rockers while driver talks on phone. I NEVER see anyone being ticketed on residential street. People have had their cars hit by speeding/drunk illegals with no license etc. (and a lot of the survey seems to be intended to cater to illegals and their comfort level). Garbage is everywhere in this town and much of it comes from people from other countries where littering is normal. Look at Trophy Field after a days soccer activity - bottles everywhere (including buried in the track sand pits which are used as "beaches" despite threats posed by cat fecal matter - a reason towns no longer keep public sand boxes - except Peekskill that is). I see litter surrounding signs promising large fines for littering. People have also taken to letting their dogs run lose. They do it at night, they do it in the parks and on the trails. Call police about a lose dog and they show up 40 minutes latter (and after the dog went after a lady with a dog on a leash). Mail boxes are constantly painted with graffiti and they don't get fixed . No doubt thats post office problem but all these "minor" things add up.


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