Letter to the Editor: 'Galef Comment Not Out of Line'

Opinion Letter to Editor: Sierra Club Supports Galef for Assembly Editor's Note: The following Letter to the Editor was submitted by Scott Davidson, a Croton resident. If you'd like to send your letter to the editor, email Rasheed.Oluwa

How Dare She!

An outrage!  The nerve!

Assemblywoman Sandy Galef’s opponent recently called her out for
making deeply insulting remarks.  Her offense?  In a News 12 debate,
she assured the voters that she would “work full time” as their

Yeah.  Seriously.  That’s all she said.

All joking aside, is this really what passes for an offending remark
these days?  Is outrage in such short supply that it must be
manufactured out of otherwise harmless, uncontroversial statements?
Apparently so, at least according to Sandy’s opponent, who thinks that
“any working parent, or anyone that juggles career and family should
be offended by Mrs. Galef’s statement.”

I honestly don’t know what to make of this.  Is Sandy’s opponent
implying that she doesn't plan to work full time as a member of the
Assembly?  Apparently so.  Otherwise, why would she be so put off by
such an unremarkable statement?  The irony is, that’s probably not
what was Sandy was referring to.  There are two types of legislators
in Albany – those who devote all their time to working for their
constituents, and those who divide their time between public service
and private practice.  (Assemblyman Steve Katz in the neighboring
district, for instance, is also a practicing veterinarian.)  Sandy was
saying that she belongs to the first group.  That’s just common sense.

It’s funny, I don’t think anyone even knew that Sandy’s opponent
intended to work as a part-time legislator up to this point.  I
certainly didn’t make that assumption.  It’s not as though being a
parent – even a single parent – and working full time is uncommon, at
least not in this day and age.  This seems to reflect a very old
fashioned and outdated point of view.

But now that she’s brought it up, no thanks.  I don’t want a part-time
legislator.  I want Sandy Galef back to working full time for all of

Scott Davidson

Croton, NY

dleighg October 17, 2012 at 11:46 AM
Completely agree with you. When I originally read the article, I knew Sandy's comment meant exactly what you said.


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