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Funeral for Peekskill Cab Driver Held Thursday

Peekskill resident Reedie Bass died after a long battle with cancer in Dec. 27. 2012. He was 69.

Funeral for Much loved Reedie Bass long time Peekskill Taxi cab driver was held at Mt Lebanon Church in Peekskill on Jan. 3 2013.

Reedie Bass lost his quiet and dignified long battle with cancer in Peekskill, NY on Dec. 27. 2012

Born Reedie Bass on Nov. 19, 1943 in Birmingham Alabama older child of thre sisters and two brothers, Reedie showed his sense of adventure and daring and hitchhiked to Chicago at the age of 15. A year later he again hitchhiked to New York to join his parents Evellyn and James bass.

A few years later he met and married Dorothy Hendrix and had three children, Reedie Jr., Socorro. and Kevin Bass.

In 1967 Reedie relocated to Peekskill, where he has resided for nearly half a century. During this period, he married Carol Bass and raised their two children, Bobby and Ursula. Their marriage lasted until she passed away and some years later Reedie met and married Phylis Appleton.

Above all Reedie loved life and his family- especially his children siblings. grandchildren nieces and nephews.

While in Peekskill Reedie was involved in various activities for young people. He led and participated in the Boy Scouts of America program at the Mt Lebanon Church. He also promoted activities for youth at the community center on Main Street in Peekskill

In an Oct. 13, 1996 New York Times article the following was written..."

''Black men should be taking care of young black men,'' said Pearl Woods, a Mount Lebanon member and the coordinator of the minority male youth empowerment project at the Peekskill Area Health Center, who first brought the two groups together. ''There are too many black women telling black men what to do. Through this program, we show them that there are strong men out there.''

For many members of the Men's Fellowship, returning something to the community is a fundamental expression of their Christian belief. Reedie Bass, a mentor for the Minority Male Youth Empowerment Project and a member of the church's men's chorus and Men's Fellowship, said: ''Singing doesn't mean anything if we're not going to reach out and help somebody. We have to find out their needs, and get them back where they should be.''

Reedie was a dedicated and active and valued member in AA where he was known as "Bass", and offered himself and his experiences to help many many people. He loved to attend and lead AA in the Peekskill Group, the 12 and 12 group in Mohegon Lake and in Noon Unity in Yorktown.

As along time member of and patron of Mt. Lebanon Church, he participated in men's choir and served in thechurch prison ministry.

Finally Reedie Opened and managed many businesses including Carters taxi Cab Co. Driving a taxi was one of Reedies many passions and he used the taxi cab as a way to both earn money and be a help to others getting to their destinations often at a discount rate.

This is a man who totally turned his life around and for over 28 years lived as a power of example of faith, sobriety and service.

Funeral services were provided by Jeremiah Edwards Funeral Home
Private arrangements are made for interment.

Not as clever as I think January 05, 2013 at 05:30 PM
If you knew Mr Bass of if you rode in his taxi and have a fond remembernce, I'm sure his family would appreciate hearing about it. I know he drove people to hospital appointments and treatments and either did not charge, or only accepted token payment.
red January 07, 2013 at 03:11 PM
yes i knew him although i wish i knew him better he was my uncle not much i can say about him because i never spent time with him i do know that this family is the pits but you all paint a really good picture of him i wish i could have been there at his going home service but i had no way to get there i do wish my mother an aunts an uncle's an my cousins his children the best.


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