Holiday Magic with the Stroke of Brush

Carmel's Douglas Depierro paints the Quiet Man Public House.

Put Douglas Depierro in front of a window for an hour and he can transform a regular pane of glass into a magical scene. Whether it be a tranquil Christmas candle display or happy Carmel resident Depierro has a great artistic talent that business owners are happy to have him unleash on their storefronts.

On a chilly afternoon earlier this week, Depierro was oblivious to passersby and people inside the Quiet Man Public House as he listened to Jimi Hendrix through headphones and painted tall red candles on the front windows. See photos above.

Depierro has his own business, DaVinci Inspired, offering illustration, interior design, model making, canvas paintings, Disney characters, architectural rendering, fine art, murals, portraits, Venetian stucco and more.

He has worked for high profile clients like Lucky Charms, McDonalds, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Dannon yogurt. In fact, he is the creative mind behind Dannon's "Danimals."

You can contact Dipierro at davinciinspired@aol.com, 914-557-7761


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