Get to Know A Local Bartender: Kathy of Brodie's Pub

Local bartender Kathy can pour a beer and keep a secret, and in this interview she talks about what makes Brodie's Pub a great family-friendly place to grab a bite and a pint.

Name: Kathy S.

Bar: Brodie’s Pub, Lake Mohegan

Age: 45

Hometown: Cortlandt Manor

PACTH: What do you think is the best thing about the city?

KATHY: Brodie’s! (Laughs) I also think the area is a really nice place to live. The town has some great people.

PATCH: What’s your bar’s most popular drink?

KATHY: The drinks we serve the most are pints of Guinness, and Power’s Irish Whiskey.

PATCH: What’s your craziest bar story?

KATHY: What happens at Brodie’s stays at Brodie’s! I believe if you are a professional bartender, you don’t go around telling other people’s stories.

PATCH: What’s the best thing about your bar/restaurant?

KATHY: Definitely the relationship between the staff and clientele, and Brodie’s family atmosphere. The dining room staff is great, and really get to know their customers well. We’ve had the same families coming in for generations, and have had the chance to watch kids grow up. There’s a “Cheers”-like mentality here.

PATCH: What is your personal favorite drink?

KATHY: I like Bud Light.

PATCH: Any advice for customers on getting your attention on a busy night?

KATHY: First, I can tell people what NOT to do; DON’T whistle or tap an empty glass or bottle on the bar. People should just push their empty glass/bottle forward.

PATCH: In your opinion, what attributes does it take to make a great bartender? 

KATHY: To make a great bartender I think you need speed, and a sense of humor.



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