Native American-Indian Pamunkey Tribe Member Speaks at Bethel Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Croton-on-Hudson - Nick Miles, a member of the Powhaten Nation in Virginia, along with his wife, Linda, spoke to the residents at Bethel’s Nursing and Rehabilitation Center recently and explained some of the customs of Native American Indians, including traditions of his own tribe, the Pamunkey, of which his father had been the chief, and later, his brother.

He explained the importance of storytelling in Indian culture saying it was a way to strengthen the heart of people, understand values and a method for healing.

Miles also played the hand drum and sang, accompanied by Linda. He explained that the drum is considered sacred because it echoes the rhythm of the universe and that everything in the universe has rhythm. He also said that the first thing a child hears is his mother’s heartbeat and the drum always reminds one of a mother’s heartbeat. In addition, he said the drum is a circle, like the world, and everyone sitting around it is equal.


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