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Local kid from Montrose, NY...attended St. Patricks school in Verplanck then Hendrick Hudson High (Class of '72).
Today - working with High Tech clients on a range of projects from manufacturing to Deep Seawater oil and gas exploration (see: http://www.rpsea.org/en/art/361/).  I also enjoy and spend time developing business for my wife Daisy Jopling (see: www.daisyjopling.com). Summary of Experience:  Mr. Brown has more than 30 years of experience in the field of microelectronic technology with a particular emphasis on processing.  During his 10 years of research at IBM he was responsible for the fabrication of superconductors in the Josephson Junction program and for media used in IBM’s optical storage project. His focus on MEMS began in 1983 at TranSensory Devices (TDI), one of the first MEMS commercial startups in Silicon Valley. The novel processing methods he developed are still used in production today.  At his second start-up venture, NovaSensor, Mr. Brown was responsible for all aspects of wafer fabrication, including initial design and implementation of the fabrication processes. He later managed strategic programs that led to the development of a MEMS catheter used by cardiologists, developed high-temperature pressures sensors used on space shuttle flights, and fabrication of an ultra high accuracy pressure sensor used on Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) for Boeing 747 engines. Mr. Brown gained significant additional experience in the MEMS area in subsequent positions with Suss MicroTec (formally Karl Suss); SiTime, his third Silicon Valley start-up; and most recently with the Center for National Research Initiatives (CNRI), where he is responsible for business development for the MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange.   In 2008 he provided significant support to DARPA/MTO in work pertinent to the fabrication of secure integrated circuits for DoD and national security applications. Mr. Brown is one of the most widely known MEMS practitioners in North America. He has authored more than 25 papers in the areas of MEMS processing and marketing.
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