Barbara Heins
E-mail: barbara.heins@patch.com
Phone: (203) 832-2114 Hometown: Greenwich, CT Ever since I was a child growing up in Troy, NY, I wanted to be newspaper reporter. My parents can attest to the fact that I always was asking questions – and because I didn't always like their answers, I would ask even more questions! This was back in the time when families weren't so mobile and weekly shopping trips were de rigeur.  Sometimes during those shopping trips, my Mom would take a detour so my brother and I could watch The Times Record newspaper being printed on those giant, noisy presses posted in the front windows of the paper's offices on Broadway in downtown Troy. (We always took joy in seeing the comics pages fly by on the presses.) My journalism interests were piqued even more by my Dad – who at the time, was a stereotyper for the newspaper. Those were the days when stereotypers made the newspaper printing plates from molten lead. It was a treat when Dad occasionally would bring home a piece of the printing plate.  I treasured the small, albeit weighty piece embossed with a strip from Charles Schulz' Peanuts – a piece I still own today. My journalism career began in earnest in high school, working on the student newspaper, eventually becoming editor-in-chief. While attending St. Bonaventure University's Journalism School, I was involved with the student newspaper and radio station. I also worked at the local radio station writing local news stories. I was fortunate to start my career in earnest at the newspaper I used to watch rolling off the presses. Two weeks after graduating from St. Bonaventure I began work as a beat reporter for The Times Record. (Those were the days before laptops, I-phones and Blackberries. It was the era of old, heavy manual typewriters, rotary phones and facsimile machines that cranked out copies on plastic cylinders!) My career eventually brought me to lower Fairfield County where I worked for 30 years covering everything from crime, courts and local government, to health and science, food, the antiques scene and the arts for The Stamford Advocate and Greenwich Time. The last eight-plus years of that career, I was the arts editor of Greenwich Time. Until a few weeks ago, my interest in the arts was sated through my public relations work for The Performing Arts Center at Purchase College. My work here at Patch.com is allowing me to return my journalistic roots – working in the community I have called home for 27 years, and covering the issues, events and occurrences that matter most to its residents. Now I am back in the position to be able to do something about those story tips people tell me when they see me at the supermarket, in the doctor's office or at one of the summer concerts in Greenwich's parks. The technology has changed over the years so rather than having to wait for the newspaper to be delivered the next morning, I can inform residents immediately what is happening in Greenwich through the World Wide Web that is Patch.com. I am immensely enjoying being the eyes and ears, and town crier for Greenwich residents. When I'm not in what I call my "Lois Lane mode," I enjoy cooking – experimenting with new recipes, and gardening (although lately I seem to be successful in harvesting weeds instead of tomatoes, cucumbers or basil!)  I enjoy a good story or an intriguing history, so you also will see me visiting antique car shows and antiques and collectible shows in the region. Beliefs I believe that honesty is the always the best policy and that every story has two sides. It is not for me to decide who is right or wrong. Rather, it my responsibility to present those sides and let the chips fall where they may. Politics How would you describe your political beliefs? Open to discussion. Are you registered with a certain party? No. Religion I was raised Catholic. Local Hot-Button Issues What do you think are the most important issues facing the community? There are many issues including education, taxes and property values, beach access, business security and development.
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