Voters Approve Lakeland Budget, Bus Propositions

Residents of the Lakeland school district approved the 2014-15 budget by a vote of 933 "yes" to 320 "no" votes, according to tallies by the district clerk. 

The bus proposition pased by a vote of 857 "yes" to 361 "no."

Newcomers Denise Kness and Rachelle Nardelli were elected to the Board of Education, and Trustee Glen Malia was re-elected.

The vote tally was:

Kness: 759
Malia: 715
Nardelli: 688
Cherchia: 616
Carey: 574

Schools Superintendent Dr. George Stone said district and board officials had talked to a lot of residents from the very beginning of their work on the spending plan, which is only 0.5 percent higher than the current budget. 

"We did our best to be responsible," he said. "I think people were pleased with what the board did to control spending without cutting programs or staff."


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