Price of School Lunch Going Up 5 Cents in Peekskill

Board approves arrangements for sale of Middle School shirts as it reorganizes for new year.

The price of lunch in Peekskill public schools is going up a nickel. Other student food prices will remain the same during the 2012-13 school year.

The Board of Education adopted the following prices Tuesday, July 3, for breakfast, lunch and milk:

  • Elementary breakfast: $1.10
  • Reduced-price breakfast: 25 cents
  • Secondary breakfast: $1.10
  • Elementary lunch: $1.70, up 5 cents
  • Reduced-price lunch: 25 cents
  • Secondary lunch: $1.90, up 5 cents
  • Student milk (white or chocolate): 35 cents

Prices for adult breakfast and lunch are to be established in conjunction with state guidelines, estimated to be $1.95 and $3.10, respectively, each up 10 cents from the past year.

In a related matter, the board adopted the state “offer vs. serve” provision that lets a student choose fewer than all of the foods in a meal pattern. For more information, please click here, then click on the agenda for July 3, then scroll down to item I27.

In other action Tuesday during its annual reorganization meeting the board:

  • Approved financial arrangements for establishment of a “school store” at Peekskill Middle School to handle purchase and resale of shirts as part of a team-building initiative.
  • Named Wells Fargo, J.P. Morgan Chase and CLASS as official depositories of all district and federal funds for 2012-13.
  • Adopted The Journal News as the district’s official newspaper for publication of legal notices.
  • Renewed its insurance policy with New York School Insurance Reciprocal.
  • Delegated the superintendent of schools to enter contracts up to $10,000 with subsequent notification of the board.
  • Agreed to continue all current board policies and to review selected policies.
  • Adopted a nonresident tuition rate of 100 percent of the Estimated Nonresident Tuition Report for all students physically residing outside the district.
  • Appointed Westchester Student Advocacy of White Plains as surrogate parents.
  • Approved updated versions of these policies: student records, agenda preparation and dissemination, eligibility for cocurricular and extracurricular activities, and interscholastic athletics.
  • Approved 11 contracts for specialized services. Please click here, then click on the agenda for July 3, then scroll down to item S1.
  • Approved tax certiorari settlements with Michael Puchir (11 South Broad Street LLC), $30,855; The TSG LLC nka CHP Partners LP, $42,817; Community Housing Innovations Inc., $17,047.
  • Authorized Gregory Sullivan, assistant superintendent for business, to arrange for disposal of obsolete library books. Please click here and here to view the lists of books.
  • Approved a settlement of disputes with U.W. Marx Construction Co. regarding construction of Peekskill Middle School. Please click here, then click on the agenda for July 3, then scroll down to item S9.
  • Tabled, for further discussion, a proposed new organization chart for the district.
  • Heard praise, during the hearing of citizens, for the district’s efforts on behalf of students. “It’s been fantastic, an outstanding experience,” said resident Sam North, an Ossining High School teacher who has two children in Peekskill schools. Based on his own experience, North expressed concern about the later start time for Woodside Elementary School, saying young children are “done” by the end of a later school day. He also noted the child-care challenges to parents who must leave for work before the school bus arrives. “Others may feel differently,” he acknowledged, “but some parents are concerned.”  


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