Peekskill Schools Extend Bus Contract Through Summer

Board accepts Hutchinson’s resignation as director of reading and gifted as he prepares to take helm at high school.

A summer bus transportation contract was approved Wednesday by the Peekskill Board of Education during a special meeting.

The approval extends the existing contract with Mile Square Transportation, with a 1.8 percent increase based on the regional consumer price index.

The school district is seeking new bids for bus transportation for the new school year beginning in September after the board rejected all bids during its June 19 meeting

In other action Wednesday, the board:

  • Accepted the resignation of Frederick W. Hutchinson as director of reading and gifted, effective June 30. Hutchinson has been appointed principal of Peekskill High School, effective July 1. A new director of reading and gifted is being sought.
  • Appointed high school teacher James Senning to assist during the summer with the Annual Professional Performance Review process for teachers and principals. Several other teachers were appointed during the June 19 board meeting.

The board’s next scheduled meeting is its annual reorganization session, July 3, at a time to be announced.

Beach Girl June 29, 2012 at 12:58 AM
Gifted program are we talking about PCSD? I have yet to see or hear about a gifted program in the district .
Kirsten Berger June 29, 2012 at 03:23 PM
Green Eye Girl, while there is no gifted program in Peekskill (and I do hope there will be one), I have found the school district to be very helpful in getting what my son needed at school. He just finished second grade and is in the dual language program. At the beginning of the year, we made an appointment to meet with his teachers about him getting what he needs because he reads above grade level and we also ended up meeting with the reading teacher, the principal and with Mr. Hutchinson. Something was worked out to everyone's satisfaction: my son was in Spanish literacy/immersion every other week. When he expressed boredom and frustration again because school was too easy, we scheduled a meeting again and he was assigned to a 3rd grade math block. Everything worked out well and he didn't express any boredom again. Another girl in his grade was moved up to the 3rd grade entirely. The school district will work with parents on a case by case basis, but this does require effort on the parts of the parents. However, a gifted program does need to be in place for those kids who would benefit from it and whose parents may not be willing to speak up for the kids to their teachers.
Beach Girl June 30, 2012 at 03:21 AM
Kristen , I"m glad to hear that your child was able to get what he needed for school . i think you are missing the point here They hired Mr .Hutchinson as director of Reading and Gifted. There is NO Gifted program ... why are they misleading tax-payers that we have a director for the gifted program , yes he is the director for the Reading program . i have child in the district who SHOuld be in the gifted program ..... last year on the State testing he scored a perfect 4 both in math and ElA. the reason is because I am a very involed in my child's life and have also communication with the teachers. there are parents that don't know that you can talk to teachers or admin . i"m sure Mr. Hutchisnson , is Great at his job, But we need to take the GIFTED out of his job title . it very misleading to taxspayer. I"m just saying ..... fancy titles with fancy paychecks ....


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