Peekskill District Officials Statement About Lawsuit, LoHud Article

Peekskill school officials issued a statement this afternoon about articles by The Journal News describing parents of a former student—one a teacher—who say they are suing the district. 

Here's the full text of the statement:

The Journal News article about an alleged lawsuit against the school district is nothing more than an intimidation tactic on the part of the plaintiff aimed to bring disrepute to the Board and the school district.

 We say the claim is ‘alleged,’ because the Board and District have not been served with either a notice of claim or an actual lawsuit. Mr. Jackson, the alleged plaintiff, is an employee of the Peekskill City School District who has been reassigned to home since January 2014 due to a pending disciplinary matter. Evidently, there may be an opportunistic connection between Mr. Jackson’s current status and this specious lawsuit. Further, we note that the Journal News did not even initially identify Mr. Jackson as a district employee, leading us to believe that this was purposely withheld from the reporter’s knowledge.

Regardless, should this alleged lawsuit be commenced, the District intends to vigorously defend itself in this matter.

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shakemdown June 06, 2014 at 11:22 PM
@leesther brown, yes if the young lady did have a medical crisis, by all means get her the help that she needs, but being that the youg lady was a minor, by state laws and health laws the parents or guardian of that young lady were supposed to be notified before the young lady was taken out the school, not only did they break laws, they also did not follow school procedures, and as a parent of a young lady myself, the first question that comes to mind is, why are these people so concerned about this youg lady's sexual activity and if they were so concerned, why weren't the parents notifed. i don't know, but there is something very fishy about this, i sure hope that there wasn't anything sinister going on with this young lady and this teacher. And another thing, if a student brings a asprin to school and takes it or gives it to another student who has a headache or cramps, that student would get suspended or expelled from school,why was Tosto still allowed to remain in school. I too say that Tosto should be suspended from his camp duties and from any other interactions that he has with children until this situation is completely solved. And his wife should also be suspended because she also broke Health laws and put that young lady's life in danger.
leesther brown June 06, 2014 at 11:37 PM
@Shakem this district hit an all time low when that clintonite johnson touched ground...do you know now they talking about re-opening alternative school calling it the Summit Acadamy?!!...
shakemdown June 06, 2014 at 11:39 PM
@David Hodson, No David, taking a kid to the doctor is not a crime, but taken someone else's daughter to get birth control without the parents consent could be especially when that kid is a minor, you see that's the problem in this country just because the person is a teacher,policeman or woman, or is a professional in their field of work does not mean that you can trust them, and i'm not saying that all teachers, public service workers etc. are perverts or have sinister ways of dealing with kids, but it pays to be cautious especially with girls. That's just me, a father of three with two girls.
shakemdown June 07, 2014 at 11:40 PM
@leesther brown, yes i heard that they are going to use the Uriah Hill building for that purpose, now there are a lot of questions about the condition of that old building, a couple years back the district spent x amount of money fixing that building but what was done, no one knows because if you look at the building it looks like sh--, and from what i understand there is also asbestos and mold, mildew from the roof that was leaking for years, i sure hope that if this building is going to be opened for students the mayor get some inspectors in there to really inspect that building and not let the school district bring their own inspectors in, cause if they do, i will bet that they will say that the building is in excellent condition when it's not. i didn't here about the stabbing in the middle school.
shakemdown June 08, 2014 at 12:22 AM
the Journal news had a article today headlined in big bold letters "DISTRICT ACCUSES DAD OF ASSAULT", the article states that MR. Jackson was accused by the district of assaulting the colleague who allegedly help his daughter get birth control pills. first of all there is no alleged,Tosto took that young lady and from what i'm gathering she wasn't the only one to the health center where his wife works to to give these young ladies birth control pills without their parents consent or knowledge, the aricle goes on to say that Mr.Jackson is on paid administrative leave pending an investigation. now like always i have some questions that come to mind,this happened in 2011 why is this surfacing now in 2014, why was everything a hush hush, and if Mr.Jackson is being investgated for assault, why aren't Tosto and his wife being investigated for pushing drugs to minors, yes birth control pills are considered drugs, they are just as bad as the local drug dealers, the only difference is you have to pay the dealer to get your drugs , Tosto and his wife were giving them away, and another question i have is , who wrote the prescriptions out for them, because if i remember, you need a prescription to get birth control pills. "INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW".


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