Peekskill City School District Announces District Reorganization Plan

Dr. Joseph Mosey, Mrs. Mary Foster, and Dr. David Fine were at the center of Peekskill's Reorganization Plan
Dr. Joseph Mosey, Mrs. Mary Foster, and Dr. David Fine were at the center of Peekskill's Reorganization Plan

At its meeting on February 25, 2014, the Peekskill Board of Education approved a plan to reorganize the District’s Central Administration.  The reorganization plan streamlines the Central Office by reducing two administrative positions and shifting responsibilities among three newly created Assistant Superintendent positions which are dedicated to the following areas:  Elementary Education, Secondary Education and Administrative and Grant Services.

The Assistant Superintendents for Elementary and Secondary Education will work closely together and replace three positions:  Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services and Director of Educational Services.

The District is pleased to announce that Mrs. Mary Foster will be appointed to Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education and Dr. David Fine will be appointed to the position of Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education. Both Mrs. Foster and Dr. Fine’s new positions will become effective July 1, 2014. 

Moving forward, Mrs. Foster and Dr. Fine will be leading the District in fully implementing its Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment program, which will insure state of the profession programming for ELL, gifted programming, RTI, guidance, literacy, and student testing. In addition to leading Peekskill’s CIA program, Mrs. Foster and Dr. Fine will cultivate a strong collaboration with principals, teacher leaders and staff as they all work together to reach the District’s goals for improving student learning and achievement.

Having two central administrators responsible for curriculum and instruction will allow for a greater focus on student learning and for developing an educational plan that better promotes college and career readiness.  The new organizational structure will foster consistency across all schools and improve accountability throughout the District.  

“This shift is consistent with New York State’s Regents Reform Agenda,” said Peekskill Superintendent Dr. Larry Licopoli.  “It will allow the District to quickly move toward meeting the Common Core Learning Standards and the new APPR requirements.  It keeps the focus where it should be – on student learning.” 

The positions of School Business Administrator and Director of Human Resources will be replaced by the position of Assistant Superintendent for Administrative and Grant Services.  Dr. Joseph Mosey will be appointed to the position of Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services effective July 1, 2014.  Dr. Mosey’s new position will be closely aligned with the Assistant Superintendent for Business and Operations in carrying out financial planning and business office functions, while also focusing on all personnel functions, labor relations, grants, and security. 

The Board of Education is also pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. David Fine to the position of Superintendent of Schools effective July 1, 2015.  The Board’s goal is to give Dr. Fine the time and opportunity to firmly establish the roles and responsibilities of the realigned Central Office, as well as the protocol for the District’s Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment program. During the time leading up to July 1, 2015, Dr. Fine will work closely with Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Licopoli to build this new organizational structure before taking over as Superintendent. 

“The Board is very pleased that Dr. Fine has agreed to lay the foundation for the new position of Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education, as well as for a new Central Office design before taking over the helm as Superintendent,” said Peekskill’s Board of Education President Doug Glickert upon Dr. Fine’s appointment.  “We believe that Dr. Fine’s appointment answers the public’s concern that we recruit a proven and well respected educator and leader who fully understands and appreciates the Peekskill community and school district.   Dr. Fine is an instructional leader with a demonstrated and known successful tenure at Peekskill. He understands the District’s strengths and challenges and is committed to our children and school community.   We are confident that he will capably lead Peekskill to ensure our students have the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the 21st Century.” 

Community members who were present at the February 25 meeting spoke out in favor of the District’s recommendations.

Fine, Foster and Mosey, who were also in attendance at the meeting, each stated their gratitude to the Board for their appointments. Additionally, each expressed their excitement for the opportunity to lead Peekskill’s faculty and students going forward.

“Thank you to the Peekskill Board of Education and the Peekskill community,” Fine said. “I am honored and humbled by the District’s faith in my instructional leadership. I am definitely looking forward to working with, helping and serving the District and our community.”

“Thank you so much to the Board of Education and to Dr. Licopoli for their trust in my work and for this wonderful opportunity,” Foster said. “I’m extremely excited and think our team will be amazing. I have been in this District for 30 years…I have taught and/or led in every elementary building in this District, so I take this community as my home. I feel these children are my children.”

“Thank you to the Board of Education for this opportunity,” Mosey said. “I really appreciate that the Board and the community have put their trust in me. I am looking forward to working with a team as a lot of exciting things happen in the next few months.”


Cathy Johansen February 26, 2014 at 09:58 PM
What great news! Congratulations to all three - well deserved and a wonderful surprise for Peekskill!
jo February 27, 2014 at 09:42 AM
"meeting the common core standards".. take note.. do your homework and be cautious...
Kirsten Berger February 27, 2014 at 11:49 PM
It is promising that the new assistant superintendents and upcoming new superintendent are all people who have had experience as teachers and/or principals in the district. They know what they are dealing with. Congratulations!


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