Clarkstown North PTSA Considers Projects (VIDEO)

Volunteers completed beautification projects in the summer and look forward to more


Clarkstown North PTSA President Dorothy Atzl said volunteers were busy during the early summer on beautification projects at the high school.  She said they have identified other target areas and are hoping for Clarkstown School Board and PTSA approval.

In May and June, the school board approved two projects that a group of about six volunteers completed in June and July. CHSN PTSA parent volunteers painted the foundation of the track storage building purple and additional assistance came from other sources.

Hallie Coletta, owner of Coletta Decorative Painting and Clarkstown North alumni, painted a mural on the building and discounted her services for the project. The school district’s Facilities Department prepared the foundation for painting and applied urethane over the competed mural. The PTSA purchased and installed a windscreen for the storage area, which is visible from Congers Road.

Paley Paint of Nanuet donated the paint and painting supplies. The PTSA conducted fundraising for the project and received a sizable donation from the Vogel Family of New City.

The second beautification project was for the front entrance. PTSA contracted with a landscaper to landscape the front entrance with three flowering plum trees and nine gold thread juniper plants.   

Atzl submitted another project to the school board last Thursday that would cost about $400. It involves more landscaping adjacent to the project completed in front of the main building.  She said it would include planting a line of boxwood shrubs along the base of the brick wall to the left of the main entrance. 

The project, its scope and cost also has to be also approved by the PTSA at its meeting on September 12. Atzl said the plantings could cost more if the group decided to install shrubs along the full length of the building. She anticipates PTSA volunteers will take responsibility for planting the shrubs. Other projects are under consideration including creating an outdoor classroom.

“We believe it is important to enhance our exterior campus to reflect the vibrant learning community within,” said Atzl.  “The PTSA will continue to support beautification efforts to make sure our school community has a campus they can be proud of.”

Besides beautification of the New City school campus, Atzl brought up other issues involving health, safety and security. She spoke about the large number of geese on the school’s track, soccer field and asphalt areas that leave droppings. Atzl noted the potential hazard for athletes using the fields. 

“This is an unsanitary, ugly mess,” she said.

Atzl said efforts have been made in the past to eliminate the problem but no solution has lasted. She asked the board to commit to cleaning up the areas. 

Vandalism has occurred at the school during the summer.  Atzl spoke about some of the new shrubbery being pulled out, black pillars on the field being knocked over and a break-in at the track storage area. She supported the principal’s request for security cameras and lights for the exterior of the school.

“We would like some serious efforts for security for our campus,” she said. 

hildee August 24, 2012 at 03:57 PM
Looks great!
no alcohol August 24, 2012 at 06:59 PM
It looks fantastic. Thanks to all who donated their time and money. It's nice to finally see some improvement. Keep up the good work.
RJ August 25, 2012 at 12:06 PM
Nice job everyone! Looks great! I can't help but wonder if South needs the PTSA & volunteers to raise money for shrubs & paint or if the board just pays that expense. Also, has North tried specially trained dogs to control the geese? They are a dirty nuisance that needs to be dealt with.
Watchdog August 25, 2012 at 12:22 PM
What about increasing police patrols? Seems like we have a lot of unsolved crimes in Clarkstown.
Tony T August 25, 2012 at 12:56 PM


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