Local Shell Stations Pay Price for Alleged Hurricane Sandy Gas Gouging

Tarrytown's Shell Station, one of the stations charged with illegal price gouging during Hurricane Sandy.
Tarrytown's Shell Station, one of the stations charged with illegal price gouging during Hurricane Sandy.

The reports of gas price gouging in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy may have hit closer to home than residents realize. You certainly waited in a line to fill your tank somewhere, but do you remember where and what you paid?

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman recently announced a $20,000 settlement with the owner of four Westchester gas stations accused of “charging unconscionably excessive prices."

Sammy Eljamal is the owner Shell stations in Cortlandt Manor, Yonkers, Ardsley and Tarrytown.

“As thousands of New Yorkers sat in line for hours waiting to buy gasoline during the state of emergency created by Hurricane Sandy, some crooked station owners increased their retail prices by excessive and illegal amounts,” Schneiderman said. “Today, we are continuing to send the message that ripping off New Yorkers during a natural disaster is against the law and that those who engage in illegal price gouging will be held accountable.”

The $20,000 Eljamal agreed to pay in penalties brings the total of state penalties won against businesses charged with illegally raising prices during the super-storm to $350,000. 

kennyuncle December 12, 2013 at 07:20 AM
Why not print the names and locations of these gas stations? I remember two of them. One was the Shell station on 202 in yorktown, the other was also a Shell station at Division street and the Bear mtn. I havent bought gas at either of those station since hurricane Sandy!
shakemdown December 12, 2013 at 10:47 PM
$20,000 is chump change to these people, what the state should of done was to padlock all of their pumps for a month and they would think twice about ripping off the people.


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