(VIDEO) Sending Love to Veterans

The Garden Road School, Peekskill Girl Scout Troop 2245, Seniors at the Seabury Field Home and others made nearly 2,000 Valentine’s Day hearts to deliver to veterans.

Residents of the Seabury at the Field Home in Cortlandt Manor joined Peekskill Girl Scout Troop 2245, students of theand participants from several other schools to make a total of 1,939 Valentine’s Day hearts to deliver to veterans at the Veterans Affairs Hospital Montrose Campus. The groups gathered for a ceremony at the Field Home on Feb. 3 to honor veterans and send them love.

The project started at the Field Home, when seniors told Director of Recreation and Volunteers Josie Andaloro that they wanted to do something for the veterans and military. They started the heart project and then Andaloro reached out to schools in the surrounding area and other community groups. All were eager to help and were proud to send their nearly 2,000 valentine's to the Montrose VA.

Watch the video above to learn more and see the list of participants below.

These are all of the groups from the community that participated in
the Heart Program:

Primrose Elementary School, Somers, Art Teacher, Eileen Olsen
ortlandt manor, Pricinpal Frank Disanza
Crompond School, Yorktown Hts, Principal Ken Levy
Early Learning Center at Fieldhome, Director Carol Milillo
LEAP Program of Naima Smith Moor
Mt. View Group Home, Peekskill, Gabriela Barry-Ordeney
, Crompond, Lowry Reinauer
Girl Scout Troop 2248, Leslie Bristow

Present at the ceremony on Feb. 3:

Rudolph J. and Edward Grexa, American Legion 1030, Verplank
Jackie Hughes for Assemblyman Steve Katz, Putnam
Councilman Vishnu Patel, Yorktown
Chuck Catalfamo, American Legion 1054, Yorktown
John Cito, American Legion 1030, Yorktown
William Nazario, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Cortlandt
Robert E. Fergueson, Town Vet, Cortlandt
Julie Anderson, Dept. of Veteran Affairs, Montrose
Ralph Cruz, Dept of Vet Affairs, Montrose
Girl Scout Troop 2248, Peekskill, Leslie Bristow
The Garden Road School, Crompond, Lowry Reinauer

Shar February 06, 2012 at 12:02 PM
Americans have always loved and appreciated our brave and fine soldiers...except for the "Hanoi Jane" types who when our soldiers came back from Vietnam, staged a vigil at the airports and spit on our soldiers as they got off the airplane. How sad.
tom February 06, 2012 at 07:24 PM
Very well said Shar. It was a shame that our Viet Nam veterans had to go through such things. The large majority of them just wanted to serve their time and come home alive. Every time I saw one of them I would thank them for their resolve and activities to ensure that would never happen to me when I served our country. I for one would not go see a movie with Jane Fonda in it because of what she did during the Viet Nam war that led to the destruction of our POW's morale and well being when one risked his life to pass her a note saying they were being tortured.
Shar February 06, 2012 at 09:15 PM
Tom, Thank You for remembering our Vietnam Veterans. I think of the many fine soldiers who commented suicide after coming home to unthankful and treasonous Americans like John Kerry and Jane Fonda stirring up hate against our brave soldiers, then they had nothing to say about Pol Pot killing millions of his people over there. So what are John and Jane doing now...the same thing with OWS. Stirring hate among another generation of young minds. Only this time their hate is toward Americans in general. There are words I can't use here to describe how I feel about John and Jane and Liberal Hollywood.


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