Peekskill to Unveil Downtown Retail Recruitment Strategy

Additional Restaurants, Art-Related Retail Locations & Specialty Foods, Apparel, and Boutiques on Peekskill’s Most Wanted List.

This is from the City of Peekskill: The City of Peekskill will unveil its Downtown Retail Recruitment Strategy on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at 7 p.m. in the at the Neighborhood Center, 4 Nelson Avenue, Peekskill, NY. The forum is open to the public and there will be a question and answer period following the presentation.
The strategy explains the city’s plans to identify and attract complementary businesses that reflect market potential and consumer demand, outlines improvements to make the downtown more visitor-friendly and attractive, and maximizes the city’s strengths in its marketing and promotional efforts.

The Downtown Retail Recruitment Strategy is the result of a comprehensive year-long effort including an assessment and inventory of the current downtown business mix, a review of zoning and regulatory requirements, analysis of consumer survey results and market data, interviews with stakeholders and a compilation of the downtown’s strengths and weaknesses.

“Armed with this new data, we are prepared to contact prospective businesses in targeted categories like restaurants, art-related retail, specialty foods, apparel, and boutiques.  We want to grow our brand identity as the regional center for arts, entertainment, dining and commerce by attracting businesses that will prosper and complement our existing commercial base and institutional anchors,” said Peekskill Mayor Mary F. Foster.

The report shows that Peekskill has a strong recognizable brand as a regional destination for live music, entertainment and dining, that consumers have a need and desire for new specialty retail offerings that can prosper here, and that better signage, lighting, and coordinated marketing efforts would make for a more favorable visitor experience.

The recommendations are included in a final report compiled Larisa Ortiz Associates, LLC and JGSC Group of Merchantville, New Jersey.  Along with the survey, the consultants conducted interviews with government and civic leaders, and business and commercial property owners, developed comparative evaluations of commercial districts that serve the community, and compiled economic data from the region.

EEA April 11, 2012 at 07:41 PM
Can be very exciting, we need an awesome deli, specialty food store, "real" antique stores and the like. What we'll get? Dollar stores and laundromats. Please prove me wrong!!!
Patty Villanova April 11, 2012 at 08:37 PM
Another scam by the Traumatic Trio (Foster Klaxton Bennett) to make it look like they're trying to encourage business in Downtown Peekskill when nothing could be further from the truth. Why was it necessary to hire consultants when they spend millions on in house planning and ec development? What happened to specialists Chris Marra and his successor Fast Jimmy Slaughter who each cost the taxpayers over $100 K in salary & benefits? Anyone who's ever had a biz in the 'skills knows what's needed & it's not more pricey consultants. Foster & Co are not interested in independent businesses; they make more money raking in state & federal dollars for services to the poor, that is Medicaid, Medicare, public housing & a whole host of "entitlements" that bring in millions. Want more businesses to come downtown- get out of the way and stop putting up obstacles. Privatize the Paramount & take it away from political cronies. Get rid of the BID. Don't build the firehouse. Enforce existing laws to get rid of the make believe variety stores & eateries that are fronts for money laundering, drug dealing & prostitution. Get rid of the obvious law breakers, fix the sidewalks & lighting in the Flat Iron District and stop with the parking tickets. Legitimate businesses like mine would be beating down the door to get a place in this beautiful city. Like he said above, prove me wrong.
peekskillman April 13, 2012 at 12:37 AM
Ms Villanova: aside from the name-calling, I couldnt agree with you more on your posting. The only item that I would like to add to your opinion is to enforce the no loitering policies of the City. It is ridiculous to see the bunches of men huddled on various street corners, all under the premise of looking for work. They are a visual blight, cause a littler problem, and are an intimidating presence, esp to women and the elderly. When my generation used to hang around the corners as youths, there invariably was a tap on the shoulder from the local patrol officer to "move it along" Why cant that policy be used nowadays? It's a shame how the downtown area is being treated.


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