Peekskill Officials: Make Sure Catch Basins are Clear for Hurricane Sandy

Peekskill city officials are warning residents to clean their catch basin adjacent to their property to minimize flooding.

Editor's Note: The following statement was issued by the City of Peekskill.


It is anticipated that Hurricane Sandy will be moving northward and turn to the northeast early next week with direct impacts expected for our area. The National Weather Service forecasts a chance of rain starting on Saturday, all the way through Tuesday. It is expected that rain will be heavy at times, especially late Sunday through Monday into Tuesday. Significant rainfall can be expected. 

This time of year flooding conditions can be worsened due to the amount of leaves that have fallen that can get caught on street level in catch basin grates. We would encourage residents to make an effort to keep leaves off of the street and keep the catch basins clear adjacent to your property. This will help to minimize flooding and property damage. 

The Fire Department receives numerous calls for water conditions and flooding basements with each significant storm event. If your basement is prone to flooding, please take steps now to address this. A reminder to stay out of flooded basements because energized wiring or outlets below the water line may pose a hazard.

leesther brown October 26, 2012 at 10:42 PM
That's not mention how many valves have been covered by Bilotta that's doing the blacktopping up the main st corridor,I notice that there are no City workers protecting,and,or guarding that none of these valves are buried...
leesther brown October 26, 2012 at 10:53 PM
We got some sort of drain on lower franklin going west that has been covered by a cone for two years now,the grate is laying at the bottom....today while walking my dog I noticed that we have an increase of children that are now traveling down Franklin(west bound) that this cone has peeked their curiosity,after lifting this cone i noticed that it doesn't look like a far fall, the bricks supporting it are crumbling and I don't think it will support the weight of a 80lb kid
joshua tanner October 27, 2012 at 04:10 AM
There is also a large orange traffic barrier covering a hole in Depew Park. An old culvert of some kind collapsed and left a 3-4 ft deep hole about 3 feet across. Its right next to a path and someone could easily step into hole if not covered. The only reason the hole is covered is because 6 months ago I took the orange barrier out of the road and put it over the hole. I told the park staff about the hole at the same time but it still hasn't been filled in.
shakemdown October 28, 2012 at 03:59 AM
the problem with harrison ave has been going on for at least ten years, the problem is so bad that no-one knows where to start to fix it, in fact one of the people who was really affected by this came to the council meeting and spoke about it .and to this day nothing has been done.
real talk October 29, 2012 at 02:06 AM
well that's what happens when you have the wrong people running the city. Whenever a private contractor is doing work in our city there needs to be someone there to not only make sure the job gets done right but to make sure they don't damage anything. I also notice that Pizzella construction be doing a lot of work in Peekskill but i wonder if any of his jobs get inspected or if he goes thru the proper protocols because we all know he used to work for peekskill and his brother now heads the building department. And speaking of the building department Who is the guy who runs the maintenance part. this guy really don't seem to know anything. I heard that everytime there is a problem within the buildings that need to be fix instead of him fixing them he calls a contractor. That's a hell of a job to have ,be head of the maintenance department and since you know nothing about maintenance you can just call in contractors ,and we wonder where our money go. Isn't that the guy who used to work at joes mini market making sandwiches? and isn't he also our former city manager son in law? lol. this city needs a shakeup.


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