Orangetown Searching for Finance Director

Charlie Richardson's last day as Orangetown's Director of Finance is Friday.

Orangetown Director of Finance Charlie Richardson joked Tuesday night that he is taking the money with him when he leaves.

He will be taking nearly 12 years of work handling the town's money when he leaves. Richardson's final day is Friday.

The town supervisor in Orangetown appoints the position, though Richardson has held it despite the turnover in that office. Most recently, Republican Paul Whalen kept him on, and then Democrat Andy Stewart did the same when he won the job and took over this January.

Councilman Tom Morr worked with Richardson in his previous four years on the board and again after being re-elected last year.

"Charlie has been here 11 years under several supervisors," Orangetown Councilman Tom Morr said. "Not only that, being appointed by the supervisor, quite often you have to be in the party of the supervisor. Three years ago, the part of his supervisor changed and (Paul) Whalen was wise enough to keep Charlie on. Paul Whalen and I spoke about it. I thought he should stay on. I knew the job he did. He handled it very well. I want to thank you for your years here and congratulate you. I wish you the best."

Stewart also thanked Richardson Tuesday and gave an update on the search for his replacement. He said the town received over 20 applications for the position.

"We have advertised the position in various media," Stewart said. "We have picked out about seven who are all extremely talented people. The question is do they make a good match. Charlie is so good at what he does; he has been doing the job of two people instead of one.

"I have high hopes that we will find somebody who will stick around and everybody will want to stick around for another 12 years."

More information about the job requirements and benefits can be found in the PDF attached to this report, which was posted on the Orangetown website. According to the infromation listed, the salary range for this position is between $89,000 and $98,000.

Andrew Wiley August 31, 2012 at 12:05 AM
Good luck to you Mr. Richardson.


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