Friday Evening: Pleasantville, Briarcliff Storm Updates

Heavy snow coming day in the villages; DPWs at work clearing streets.

Friday, 11:40 p.m.

Metro North is reporting all train service on the Harlem, Hudson and New Haven lines is suspended until further notice.


Friday, 6 p.m. Update:

Briarcliff Manor and Pleasantville Police both report no closed streets or other storm-related hazards in the villages at this time.

In preparation for possible outages, Con Edison "is mobilizing hundreds of company crews and out-of-state personnel," according to a statement from the company today.

In his afternoon update, Briarcliff Manor Village Manager Philip Zegarelli said snowfall can reach between eight to 16 inches between now and tomorrow.

"Temperatures are bouncing back and forth above and below the freeze line as the two storm cells congeal in our immediate area," he explained.

Officials are asking locals to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary and to be mindful of overnight parking rules.

The Town of Mount Pleasant has assembled its Emergency Management Team to respond to the storm and its effects, Supervisor Joan Maybury noted in an update this afternoon.

New York State Police said this afternoon that "Travel conditions are continuing to deteriorate," noting about "100 minor accidents in the lower Hudson Valley region, as well as numerous disabled vehicles" on state roads.

"Although, the roadways remain open, motorists are urged to drive with caution and to avoid unnecessary travel and anticipate that interstates and parkways may be subject to immediate and unplanned closure to facilitate snow removal operations," state police said.


Original post:

The uniqueness of the major winter storm headed to the northeast today is making it difficult to predict when the worst will hit, said Briarcliff Manor Village Manager Philip Zegarelli.

"We are just prepping," Zegarelli said. "It's very hard to predict...This came literally from nowhere."

In preparation for the storm, Briarcliff Manor's Department of Public Works has started adding a brine solution to the roads.

"It helps in the initial stages [of snow]," Zegarelli explained.

In Pleasantville, preliminary assessments are underway, Village Administrator Patricia Dwyer said before Village Hall closed at 12 p.m.

"We cleared basins and took down flags [from Memorial Plaza]," she said. "We have a substantial amount of salt on-site. We filled both village fuel supply tanks with gas and diesel. The plows went on yesterday."

Both villages anticipate the DPW will remain active all-weekend-long.

"The DPW will be here throughout the weekend," said Dwyer.


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Zegarelli said Briarcliff Manor's DPW workers are being split into teams to tackle snow removal efforts.

"In 24 hours it could still be snowing," he noted. "There's a human element, an exhaustion factor."

Both villages are reminding residents of the seasonal overnight parking rules that are especially important during snow storms.

"Be mindful of on-street parking rules," said Dwyer, adding vehicles in violation can be ticketed or towed. "If you are staying in, move your cars now."

Zegarelli said no on-street parking in the village is permitted between 2 and 6 a.m. and no overnight parking is allowed at the Scarborough train station.

"Other than that," he said. "It's wait and see."



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