Assemblywoman Galef Gains Support from Two Environmental Groups

The New York League of Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club Lower Hudson Group gave state Assemblywoman Sandy Galef, D-Ossining, their endorsement Monday during a press conference in Peekskill

Two environmental groups gave their support to the re-election bid of state Assemblywoman Sandy Galef, D-Ossining, Monday during a press conference at Peekskill’s Riverfront Green Park.

Representatives from the New York League of Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club Lower Hudson Group rallied around Galef as she reaffirmed her commitment to protecting the Hudson Valley’s natural resources.

"I care so deeply about preserving and protecting our land, our air and our water," Galef said. "Whenever I deal with legislation in Albany, I always consider the impact on these two key natural resources. Having the endorsement of these two highly respected environmental organizations is an honor. It is important to my campaign, because the issues they advance are significant to voters of the Hudson Valley."

Galef, who was elected to the Assembly in 1992, is squaring off against newcomer Kim Izzarelli in the Nov. 6 general election.

“Something I’ve been hearing too often over this election cycle is that the environmental movement is not at the top of anybody agenda and that has never been true with Sandy Galef and it’s not true this cycle,s” said Nannette Bourne, chairwoman of the Westchester chapter of the New York League of Conservation Voters. “When we have called, she has answered. When she has needed information, she has always considered a resource and we very much appreciate that.”

Bourne praised Galef for co-sponsoring one bill that requires residents to be notified when the Hudson River has a sewage spill and for supporting the Environmental Protection Fund.

Ed Berry, co-political director of the Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter's Lower Hudson Group, said Galef received a score of 105 percent from Environmental Advocates of New York State’s environmental scorecard in 2011. Berry said that 105 percent is the highest score possible.

“Some people say ‘well, how do you get 105 percent’,” Berry said. “Well it’s simple. When you co-sponsor really key bills... I recommend extra credit and that’s what she got. Her co-sponsoring was of the Solar Industry Development and Jobs Act. That was an extremely important bill and that’s not going to go away. That’s going to come back again.”

Berry said Galef was instrumental in the passage of the Water Resources Protection Act, the Power New York Act and the Complete Streets law.

“These are not just environmental initiatives that people say ‘oh, that’s good, that’s nice’,” Berry said. “These were bills that were passed and are now law.”

jo September 25, 2012 at 01:14 PM
hey sandy.. we pay the highest property in the nation.. what have you done to cut them.. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
tg September 28, 2012 at 02:29 PM
If you read Sandy's newsletters you would know that the state income tax rate is the lowest in years, we still have STAR to reduce school tax, 4% more aid is going to schools, and medicaid mandate costs to the county will be cut. Who else in Albany decried pork, deficits and unbalanced budgets. She's not a hack.


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