"What Better Gift...Than to Offer the Gift of Life"

Eric Keitz will be holding a blood drive on April 7 in Yorktown, as part of his Eagle Scout project. He is also identifying non-fire hydrant water sources in town to aid firefighters.

Eric Keitz, a junior, knows how important it is for people to donate blood to those who desperately need it. His two great uncles, who have leukemia, and father, who has multiple sclerosis, have had to get a number of blood transfusion over the years.

"I know it can make a difference because people all over are in need of blood transfusions, and the holding the blood drive will get more blood into circulation which will help people who need it," he said. 

As part of his Eagle Scout project, Eric will hold a blood drive this Saturday, April 7 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Yorktown Heights Fire Department headquarters. 

"Blood drives are so important because one hour of your time can help save a life, it's free and one of the easiest ways to make a difference," Eric said. 

Eric has been a boy scout since second grade and has been working on his Eagle Scout project for almost a year. His mother Marybeth Keitz said he has been working "really hard" on getting it done. 

"I always knew his Eagle project would be to help someone who was sick because my husband suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and has been disabled for most of Eric's life," she said. "This has impacted him in a positive way, I think, because it has taught him compassion. He is a very caring, loving young man."

The second part of Eric's Eagle project is finding non-fire hydrant water sources in Yorktown.  

"There are many streets in Yorktown without fire hydrants, but they do have streams and other water sources," Eric said. "Once they are identified, we will be placing signs near the water source to help the fire department and other departments find the source easier to make the process of getting water in case of emergency."

Finding alternative water sources would make it easier for the Yorktown fire department, as well as the mutual aid departments to fight a fire should it be in an area where there is no nearby fire hydrant. 

"It will save precious time knowing where there is water nearby," his mother said. "This phase of the project will be completed after the blood drive."

She added she and her husband are "very proud" of their son's efforts and hope the blood drive will be a successful one.

"What better gift is there to give someone than to offer the gift of life," Marybeth Keitz said.


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Lisa zarkower April 04, 2012 at 03:16 PM
so proud of you Eric.


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