Pilot Uninjured in Small Plane Crash at Ocean City Airport

The pilot involved in the crash is an Ocean City resident. His home backs up onto the runway.

A small plane crashed at just before noon today.

The four-seat 1980 Cessna A185F aircraft veered off the runway and crashed, according to Lt. Steven Ang of the city's police department. 

The plane was piloted by Ocean City resident Victor Plumbo.

He was not injured, said Ang. 

The pilot believes that a crosswind pushed him off the runway while accelerating during take off. That plane ended up spun around facing the opposite direction from where it tried taking off.

The plane sustained extensive damage in the crash, harming wings, landing gear and propellers. 

Plumbo, who lives adjacent to the airport facing the same runway where he took off, was not at home Tuesday afternoon. His phone went unanswered.

The Federal Aviation Administration is conducting the follow-up investigation.

The Ocean City Airport was closed immediately on Tuesday. It was back open on Wednesday morning.

Robert Scovill May 04, 2011 at 11:05 AM
Cessna pilot a heads-up. Do you know about SAIB CE-10-40R1? How often have you seen water in your sump cup during the preflight of the Cessna 185? SAIB Number: CE-10-40R1 Issue Date: 07/30/2010 This Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin is to inform pilots, owners, operators and maintenance and service personnel of Cessna Aircraft Company Model 100, 200 or 300 series , any model and/or suffix in the series of airplanes as applicable OF THE HAZARDS ASSOCIATED WITH WATER CONTAMINATION OF FUEL TANK SYSTEMS. Could this SAIB have anything to do with the indicated design flaw of undetectable water in the fuel tanks of Cessna fuel tanks? Have you tested your Cessna fuel tank for positive detection of fuel contamination? I have tested the Cessna 172P, Cessna 172RG, Cessna 150 and Cessna 152. All failed my test for positive detection of fuel contamination during the pre-flight.


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