UPDATE: 6 Teens from New City, Congers Arrested After Brawl At Lake Nanuet

Police: Bats and a knife used in fight; four youths from Nanuet and Pearl River injured. Fight involved Clarkstown North and Nanuet high school students.

A large fight involving bats and knife at Lake Nanuet led to four youths from Pearl River and Nanuet being injured and six youths from New City and Congers being arrested, according to Clarkstown police.

The incident Saturday night at the park in Nanuet involved around 30 male high school and college students. Those arrested and injured were either 17 or 18 years old. Students from Clarkstown North and Nanuet high school were involved. 

Charges against the six arrested include Attempted Gang Assault, Assault and Criminal Possession of a Weapon. Police recovered baseball bats and knives at the scene.  Four youths with from cuts, bruises and possible concussions were taken to Nyack Hospital where they were treated and released. 

Police report when they arrived at Lake Nanuet at 10:05 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 12 they found the four injured male youths - one 18 year old and two 17-year-olds from Pearl River and one 17 year old from Nanuet. Police are not releasing names of the victims for safety reasons.

The Detective Bureau determined the fight involved a group of about 15 students from one of the high schools arbitrarily attacking five or six students from the other high school.  They report several assailants, some allegedly using baseball bats as weapons, overpowered each of the victims. 

The six arrested teens had various charges lodged against them.

One 17 year old from Congers and one 17 year old and one 18 year old both from New City were charged with Attempted Gang Assault 1st degree, a felony, Assault 2nd degree, a felony, and Assault 3rd degree, a misdemeanor.  One 17 year old and one 18 year old both from Congers were charged with Assault 2nd degree and Assault 3rd degree. A 17 year old from New City was charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon 4th degree, a misdemeanor.    

The six are eligible for youthful offender status and were arraignedand released to their parents pending a court date of January 30th in Clarkstown Justice Court.  Police report they expect to make additional arrests. 

Marianne Reilly January 26, 2013 at 05:45 PM
Where do the kids get the money for BMW's and Escalades? Not exactly blaming the parents but kids having bats and carrying knives in their cars? YIKES! If thats the culture of those particular kids maybe the parents should searching their cars and removing weapons and other inappropriate stuff. All parents should be checking cars, their kids rooms, facebooks and twitters. Take a look at who they hang out with and know or have an idea about their friends family life. It's good to pick up the phone and connect with your teens friends parents. It's not easy being a parent you can't say my kid is an honor student she/he would Never do this or that... On any given day anything can happen. Good kids make bad decisions all the time. It's good to be one step ahead of them if you can. They hate it and hate you but they know they are loved and cared about. The worst is parent peer pressure to let the kids drink, stay out late, and go places they are to young to go to. I dread Homecoming and Prom season for that reason. So high are the expectations, parents setting their kids up to drink, renting party busses etc... It's ridiculous and dangerous. I don't have the answers but if parents stuck together live would be easier for all. Parenting is not for sissies. Sometimes "no" is the only answer.
Marianne Reilly January 30, 2013 at 01:07 PM
Defending the parents by accusing the Nanuet boys of Drinking, smoking pot and drunk driving? Cookie you said The victims of this were innocently hanging out at lake nanuet partaking in underage drinking and possibly smoking pot cause there is no where else to go. Mrs. Magoo says the police monitor activities at Lake. So are,you saying they turn a blind eye to your kids illegal activities? So far kids could have been arrested for underage drinking, possession of pot, and trespassing. But now they are teens in the wrong place at wrong time because this weekend they were attacked? Who drives home after drinking?" You call that defending the Clarkstown parents? Then you blamed the Nanuet parents. I understand you must have a very close relationship with these famliies but you are not helping them by attacking others.
Mr.G February 12, 2013 at 06:52 PM
The rumor about the brother was true, there was an altercation the day before between nanuet and festa as well.
kev April 29, 2013 at 04:07 PM
None of you guys know what happened. You all act as if you know what happened just because you read or see it in the news. Not one of you guys have the story right or even came close to knowing what happened. There was not 15 north kids on six nanuet kids. there was about 30 upperclassmen from nanuet there but most of them ran off when the cops got there because most of them all were carrying pot and alcohol and the north kids just didnt go there for no reason. they went there because they all heard that one of the kids younger north kids were jumped in a fight that almost happened earlier that day so please get your facts straight because you guys dont know what actually happened.
John Doe September 19, 2013 at 01:33 PM
Never seen a group of so called ADULTS act more like gossiping children. I was a senior, now in college who got jumped, so here is the ACTUAL story. I was playing basketball with a couple of my friends at lake at 3pm when one of them said there was a freshmen fight at the baseball fields at lake. Curious we went over to see what was happening, we had a basketball if you want to count that as a weapon. There were about 100 Nanuet FRESHMEN and 2 CLARKSTOWN NORTH freshmen, however the two north freshman just came to watch, they were not involved. It was supposed to be a one on one fight, I really don't even know over what cause I don't pay attention to freshman gossip, but the North kid never showed up. So guess what everyone left and called it a day. Me and a couple of my senior friends went back to lake at 8 or 9pm, yes drinking and smoking like every kid in America does, don't act like you were all PERFECT children. It was about 7 or 8 guys and 15 girls the ENTIRE night, the only time there's even been close to 100 kids there is when we won the brown jug. It was probably one of the only nights there was more girls then guys there. We had no clue that these kids were coming back to fight us. The seniors didn't hear of any fighting going on in school or that week, just that day it happened we heard about it, so your little princess has no idea whats shes talking about. And by the way I was an honor student too, and so were a lot of the kids who hung out there so get off your high horse. Out of no where 20+ Clarkstown kids show up, I approached first trying to see what they wanted. He asked my little brother got jumped here earlier. I responded with, no one fought earlier. He said you were here? I said yes no one got hit or fought. The second I finished the sentence I got punched from god knows who and was on the ground getting my face smashed in. They grabbed my friends and did the same with them, using bats and whatever weapons they had. Then when they were done with us they ran away. So you saw the Clarkstown kids running away cause we were all still at the field trying to figure out what happened. We walked up to the parking lot, there were ambulances there and we went to the hospital. I hope that cleared a lot up for all you foolish and immature parents who gossip more then kids do, you should all be ashamed.


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