PHOTOS: Plane Crash At Monmouth Executive Airport

Pilot hospitalized with minor injuries after emergency landing

A pilot of a single-engine Cessna was hospitalized this afternoon after he made an emergency landing short of a runway at Monmouth Executive Airport.

The unnamed pilot, who was the only occupant of the small plane, suffered minor injuries and was transported to Jersey Shore Medical Center after the abrupt landing around 4 p.m., according to a release from Wall police Chief Robert L. Brice.

The pilot was on course to land when he had to make an emergency landing at the northwest end of the airport, Brice said. The plane landed in a grass field and skidded on its underside after the landing gear collapsed in the emergency landing.

The red and white plane did not break apart on impact and was intact and resting on an embankment when viewed at 5 p.m.

Air traffic continued unabated at the Route 34 airport. Nearby businesses were unaware a crash occurred.

Wall Police, New Jersey State Police, New Jersey Department of Transportation's Aeronautical Unit, the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Transportation Safety Board, the Glendola Fire department and MONOC paramedics were on the scene.

Brice said an investigation into the accident is being conducted.

Ron McCallum Jr. July 22, 2012 at 02:01 PM
"Nearby businesses were unaware a crash occurred." That is because a "crash" did not occur. It was an emergency landing. True jounalism lies within the facts, not the sensationalism.
Robert Scovill July 22, 2012 at 02:14 PM
CESSNA 182 INDICATED DESIGN FLAW Why did the NTSB walk away from Safety Recommendation A-83-6 twenty five years ago? What happened to FAA Safety Recommendations 99.283 and 99.284 about undetectable water in Cessna aircraft fuel tanks? Why did the NTSB ignore my petition about UNDETECTABLE WATER in the fuel tanks of Cessna aircraft? http://www.sumpthis.com/ntsbpetition/ntsbpetitioncontents.htm Why does SAIB CE-10-40R1 not mention anything about positive detection of water in the fuel tanks of Cessna aircraft? How many more pilots and passengers have to die for the NTSB to do a real world test on a Cessna aircraft for positive detection of water in their fuel tanks? I would be happy to provide the drop of red food color and ten ounces of water. I will also provide the aircraft for your test! NTSB your poor "investigations" are killing pilots and passengers! Pending the discovery of a catastrophic engine failure could it have been undetectable water in the fuel tank that caused this crash? Aircraft engines run on a rather simple principal, it is air, spark and uncontaminated fuel. Do you think the aircraft engine ran out of air after takeoff? Did you know that aircraft engines have two spark plugs per cylinder. Aircraft engines have two magnetos which provide redundant spark to all the spark plugs. Do you think the aircraft engine ran out of spark after takeoff?
Daniel Hamilton July 25, 2012 at 07:19 PM
Wall Township First aid & Rescue squad was also on location


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