Family Arrested for Hitting Man with Chain

A husband and wife, along with their 14-year-old son, were charged with assault after allegedly hitting a man with a small chain.

Three family members, including a teenage son, were arrested following an alleged assault with a chain on North Broadway. 

On Jan. 9 at 10:15 p.m., police received numerous calls for a dispute underway in front of 21 North Broadway. Officers reported a physical fight had taken place with all parties still at the scene. Everyone was taken to headquarters for further investigation.

Statements were taken from the victim who was injured when he was apparently struck by a chain.

Tarrytown Police Lieutenant William Herguth said the couple, along with their son, apparently struck the man several times around the neck and head with the chain. Herguth described the chain as a small chain with small links. “He had several marks on the side of his face, nothing serious,” he said. “They apparently had words in the past.”

The defendants are a married couple, Julio Quechol, 41, and Maria Cuautle, 34, both of Main Street, charged with third degree assault.

Their 14-year-old son was also arrested for allegedly participating in the assault and was transported to Woodfield Cottage juvenile detention center in Valhalla for appearance in Westchester County family court in the morning.

The parents were held in village lock-up for arraignment and issuance by the Judge of an order of protection. 

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Alberta M. Jarane January 17, 2013 at 07:54 PM
By chance, I was at the police station the night when this family was brought in. I recognized Maria, knowing her in passing on the street and as a hardworking employee at Lefteris. Maria has always been courteous and respectful to me (even at the police station), asking how my family and I are doing. I imagine she's served all of us who go to Lefteris at one time or another. Our conversation was in English. I could have easily greeted her in Spanish as we've often done in passing. Racist, intolerant and ignorant rants about a family involved in an assault serve no greater purpose than to inflame and fully expose one's own bigoted opinions. That is your right. However, this is an article reporting a case of assault with no reason given for the assault. What does this have to do with where someone comes from or what language they speak? Should I infer that all Spanish speaking people are bad? What then should I infer about a white man who strangles his wife to death just a few days ago? Sharing tiresome, prejudiced and intolerant viewpoints is a waste of time. Bigotry is vile and unproductive. Let go of such hateful commentary. Choose instead to make a positive contribution to OUR great, growing and diverse villages. Honor Martin Luther King, Jr. and spend this weekend in service of those in need. Those who speak differently than you, who simply need a helping hand. Because one day the hand you may need may look a lot like the hand you so willingly spit on today.
Karina Arreola January 18, 2013 at 02:33 AM
This is a great comment ! Thank you ! :)
Voula January 18, 2013 at 10:08 PM
To all those folks who had ignorant comments on calling IRS and all.. I have a few questions.. #1 who cleans you house? While you still sleeping... #2 who takes care of your kids? While you in yoga or out for a run because your afraid of getting fat...#3 who cooks for you? Because you are afraid or ruining your mani or on the phone with your friends...hopefully I've made my point. Last question; what would you do if your mom, sister, daughter, niece ect.. Was being sexually harassed? We may not know all the story but, all I know is we can not judge a book by its cover!!!
DeeplyConcernedabout T-town January 18, 2013 at 10:39 PM
The comment regarding the IRS relates to the landlords. They do not report this 'income'. Fines do not deter the violators. However, the IRS has the right to audit the records. Fines & penalties far exceed any court fines. Most of the landlords are repeat offenders. This shows that fines are a cost of doing business.
Voula January 19, 2013 at 12:27 AM
@DeeplyConcernedabout T-town I made a mistake meant to write immigration...! Sorry. And I'm sorry if I offended anyone.


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