Patch Blogs: Coming Out Day; President Romney

A recap of recent and popular blog posts in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam.

What would daily life be like with Romney in the Oval Office, and what do the inner planets have to do with your bedsheets?

Lower Hudson Valley residents and professionals—who double as Patch bloggers—have the answers and more in this weeks' essays.

On the social front, Young Democrat and gay-rights activist Joseph Coe sounds off on National Coming Out Day this past Thursday.

"Some may ask why I celebrate this day," Coe pens. "I celebrate National Coming Out Day because I know there are people who are still forced into silence. I also know that change is possible."

If you're prone to pulled muscles and sore joints, heed physical therapist Meryle Richman's advice—even an innocuous task like raking leaves can lead to injury. To prep for outdoor autumn activities sans backaches, read more here.

There's no shortage of recipes in this week's blog stable (read: Holiday Rum Cake.) For this confection, with details supplied by Phyllis Kirigin, think pound cake "with just the right amount of dark rum to pique your palate."

Now, in brief: if all it takes is a solid headline to draw you in, lend your eyes to Got Kids? Take Two Aspirin and Greenburgh May Purchase One-Arm Bandit.


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