Letter to the Editor: 'I Can Still Count on Sandy'

Andrea Black Jeffries of Mohegan Lake supports state Assemblywoman Sandra Galef, D-Ossining, despite voter district switch.


For many years Sandy Galef was my assemblywoman.  

When I needed to obtain custody of my husband’s medical records, I called Sandy.   When a terminally ill friend was in the hospital and needed help I called Sandy.

When a group of neighbors and friends wanted to meet to discuss issues that affected our community, I called Sandy.  When I held a benefit for the Paramount Center for the Arts Sandy was there.

Here we find a public servant who takes the time to sit with constituents and listen—listen to our ideas on how to improve local schools, save our tax money, and protect the safety of our water supply.  It is good to feel confident that our representative is universally respected for her integrity and service.

Last election day I entered the voting booth to vote for Sandy. Her name was not there.  “Where is Sandy on the ballot?” I asked. 

"We’re not in her district anymore," was the answer.

 A few months ago a neighbor had a serious problem.  "Call Sandy Galef."

"But we’re not in her district anymore," answered my neighbor. 

And at 7 p.m. on a Friday night my neighbor called.   "I'm no longer in your district," she informed Sandy.  

"That's not a problem. Phone me Monday morning and we will talk."  

It's great to know that even if I can't vote for assemblywoman Galef, I can still call Sandy.


Andrea Black Jeffries

Mohegan Lake, NY 10547


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