Letter to the Editor: Christmas Eve in Peekskill

Peekskill resident Frank Catalina uses the classic poem, "A Visit from St. Nicholas," to express his dissatisfaction with the city's current administration.

Twas the night before Christmas
when all through the City
Not a creature was smiling, not even Her highness.
The workers were tired and sighed with relief
that on Jan. 1 they would still have a job, but no one to lead.

The unlucky 18 were devastated by the news,
that loyal service got wiped out by incompetent rudes
and 18 more took the bait
of early retirement to insure their fate.

The mayor and council still cannot believe
that their years of waste and abuse have come back to roost
that basic laws of economics and decency
still play well in our hometown.

With a gavel in hand,  a tug and a blink
she guided the vote with a nod and a wink
on Rigger, on Talbot, on Torres and Drew
on McGowan, where's Bennett....oh my, what a crew!

Remove public property from the tax rolls, go on
don't worry, the taxpayer won't mind
another term with another 9 (percent tax increase, that is)
are you sure that the taxpayers still won't mind?

Try as they may, we won't go over the brink
because there are enough of us, who simply won't blink
the scars of these years are very very clear
lets all hope for change, in the coming new year!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Frank Catalina
Peekskill, NY

stephanie December 27, 2012 at 11:57 PM
This lawyer might do better then that witch is doing and would not take any ones jobs away either like that witch did
leesther brown December 29, 2012 at 05:14 AM
Robin Seggs January 01, 2013 at 09:56 PM
is this the Frank Catalina that was the city's lawyer under mayor kelly? I thought he ran away from peekskill years ago.
leesther brown January 02, 2013 at 01:04 AM
@Robin,and your asking to say what?!.....#watchthatstinkingthinking..
Peekskillnative January 16, 2013 at 05:17 PM
Robin...it is and he did. Good luck.


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