Opinion: Make Johansen Permanent PD Chief

Peekskill resident Jim Roberts writes that Lt. Eric Johansen, the acting police chief of the Peekskill police department, should be appointed as the city's permanent police chief.

To the Peekskill Common Council:

Please accept this letter in support of Lt. Eric Johansen’s appointment as the permanent Police Chief in the city of Peekskill.

As a reporter who formerly covered Peekskill for the North County News, I worked with Lt. Johansen on a regular basis while reporting on stories for the newspaper. I observed Lt. Johansen’s exemplary professional conduct and dedication to serving the citizens of Peekskill on a regular basis.

I believe that Lt. Johansen has proven his devotion to this community over his 19 years of outstanding service. His skills as an investigator have been proven through several major cases resolved during his tenure. His service under long-time former Chief Gene Tumolo helped prepare him for this challenging assignment that an outside hire could not bring to the city.

As a third-generation Peekskill resident, I know the importance of having a successful police chief here. This is not the time to experiment: Peekskill needs to build on its current effective police force which Gene and Eric have built and not turn to an outsider who doesn’t know this unique community.


Jim Roberts

Peekskill, NY

John Curran January 25, 2013 at 05:00 PM
With the 2012 Purge by the One-Party Government at City Hall, everyone with competence & knowedge who cares about the community has been fired or vacated. We have an "acting" or pretend City Manager in charge to make sure only bad decisions take place. So, why expect an intelligent (or non-political) decision with a Police Chief?
Walden Macnair January 25, 2013 at 05:34 PM
Peekskill is a big business and although Lt. Johansen may very well be the best qualified candidate for the job, I really feel that the City needs to look beyond the resources they have to assure that he is the best. If Peekskill were a large corporation they wouldn't replace one of their executives simply because he'd been with the company for twenty years. I wish Lt. Johansen all the luck and hope that he comes out on top, but the truth is that the City owes it to their citizens to do a search and find the best person they can, regardless of whether or not he/she is from within the department or outside.
shakemdown January 25, 2013 at 08:33 PM
i too agree that MR. JOHANSEN should be the police chief, who better to serve the community then someone who has been a part of the community for about 19 years. why go out the box to find the solution, when the solution is in the box, look what happened to PEEKSKILL HOUSING, MAJOR SCREW UP THAT FOR SOME REASON CAN'T BE FIXED. so i ask the people of PEEKSKILL to let your voices be heard let's make MR. JOHANSEN our polce chief.
mk January 28, 2013 at 04:51 PM
Wrong, wrong, wrong. I worked in government for many years, and someone like Eric who is qualified, knowledgeable and ready to step in should be appointed. The glorified resumes of someone outside is just paper of degrees but no knowledge of area and most importantly the residents.
Luci Vale March 29, 2013 at 01:29 PM
Very well said...if Lt. Johansen does not officially become the Police Chief of Peekskill, it only proves why so many Peekskill residents are so concerned about the future of this city. The dispirited residents of our city, can not take this much longer.


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