Peekskill Council Meeting Postponed, Centenarian to be Honored, Congress Passes Sandy Aid

Five things to know for today, Jan. 29.

1.) Peekskill Common Council Meeting Postponed

Monday's Common Council meeting was postponed to Feb. 4 because the council was unable to reach a quorum due to illnesses, according to Mayor Mary Foster.   

2.) Westchester County Executive to Honor Centenarian in Peekskill Today

Westchester County Executive Robert Astorino will be coming to Drum Hill Senior Living Community today to honor Jessie Ward, who turned 104 in October.  

3.) Harbor at Charles Point Hosts Book Signing & After Party Sunday 

 Verplanck resident Peggy S Imm-Anesi is having a signing and after party   at the Harbor At Charles Point on Feb. 2 for her book "Rainbows, Butterflies & One Last Hug: A Mother’s Spiritual Journey Losing Two Children to Cystic Fibrosis." The events is noon until midnight and there will be drink and food specials all day. The band starts at 9 p.m.  

4. Deadlines Extended for FEMA Registrations

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, at the request of the State of New York, has approved a 30-day extension for survivors to register for federal disaster assistance. The new registration deadline for Hurricane Sandy survivors in New York is Feb. 27.

 5.) Congress Approves More than $50B in Sandy Aid

The Senate passed legislation providing just over $50 million in aid for victims of Hurricane Sandy by a vote of 62-36. The bill now goes to the president for his signature.

leesther brown January 29, 2013 at 06:55 PM
Peekskill Common Council Meeting Postponed These culprits think all folks are sleep...you mean to tell me @ the last minute all three council(don bennett should have been replaced) members all came down with the flu@5pm?!!! BS..she deliberately allowed public comment(2 speakers) with out a quorum so next weeks meeting will be billed special as to not allow public comment on the resolutions she shoving down our throats without anyone speaking...but she is also giving "shine a minority" Black History awards(the recipients should decline her piece of useless paper)...When the heck are folks going to come out against the BS this administration is throwing?!..look around folks we're(Peekskill) tore up from the floor up....#choiceschanceschanges.....
jo January 29, 2013 at 07:27 PM
what is wrong with Don Bennet..
leesther brown January 29, 2013 at 09:01 PM
@jo don't know what's wrong with him,but whatever it is I wish him a speedy recovery..however we the people are entitled to a full council and if whatever is ailing him prevents him from serving then he must be replaced...One of the resolutions on the agenda is to allow zone change..now look who this change benefits...Drew Claxton,and doesn't the trolley house an office on the same strip as the beanrunner(wonder who they pay rent to?)..look all this is for their design..oh and don't forget the purchase of a piece of art down on the river....maybe changing the liability insurance mid-term..all while borrowing $3.000.000 dollars(tan) for operations,and another loan (ban) don't know how much they looking for there..Jo you say you came out against her when she pulled that budget change when she first took office will you come out again?! these folks are re-writing the charter and changing "local" laws without say from the folks that pay their salaries and now the acting city manager wants to suggest that the citizens make appointments because they want to close city hall @4pm..wtf,where are the real peekskillians?
Ray Adamick January 29, 2013 at 10:12 PM
What I know of, Don suffers from MS
Leslie Lawler January 29, 2013 at 10:24 PM
Good question, Lee. Where are they? Seems what is permitted is promoted. No one seems to care enough to take their city back from these shysters. Talk about outrageous...this administration just laid off practically the entire staff; now City Hall will close early because the remaining staff can't get their work done (apparently we taxpayers are "distractions") and the Acting (and what an act it is) City Manager's solution is to close City Hall to the very folks that are funding the city. Make an appointment? Really, Brian? HOWEVER, for those that are paying attention: Mary squirrelled enough city funds away to hire her own PR-dude to send her tweets out and make a Facebook page. AND, yes, they're looking to buy a sculpture for the riverfront. How I wish I were making this up. I guess that's why people lost their jobs. So Mary could continue her insane spending. BUT, take a look at the resolutions from last night's fake meeting that will be pushed to next Monday. The city needs to borrow $3m for OPERATING costs....in other words, Tweet-man gets paid, sculptures are bought, but payroll can't be made without borrowing. All it takes for evil to succeed is for good folks to sit back and do nothing. Thanks, Lee....you're a die-hard, and this gal on the east side appreciates your persistence and courage.
Liz Claire January 29, 2013 at 10:52 PM
I agree Lee & Leslie. IMHO, Brian has rolled over and played dead in the face of Mary. City Hall exists to serve taxpayers. What's all this paperwork that needs to be filled out? The first step should be to remove web browsers from every PC in City Hall, and to the extent people need access, have one dedicated internet PC per floor. City Hall can send email to the world without access to the Internet. If you think this sounds ridiculous, it's no more silly than shutting down City Hall early. By the way, who is the recipient of all this bureaucracy? How often have we heard Mary make excuses for her lack of knowledge of important issues by saying, No one ever told me, I never saw that memo, I never read that. And if City Hall is so overburdened with work, who's going to schedule appointments? Are they hiring someone new for this? If existing employees have time to schedule appointments, then there is no reason to close City Hall early. The reason the City is floating a bond for op expenses is that Foster has wasted the $10+ million fund balance she inherited. Has Foster or Brian ever explained why they acted contrary to the City Charter by investing in contaminated land? And using eminent domain to steal personal property? All for what? They definitely put the horse before the cart re the firehouse. You dont use ED unless you already have funds for a project. Duh!!!
leesther brown January 30, 2013 at 03:07 AM
@Liz, IMHO....He swallowed...


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