Peekskill Building Permit Rates Increase

Rate were changed for the first time in seven years.

Make sure you bring some extra cash when heading to the Peekskill city building the department next year.

The Peekskill Common Council increased the rates for several permits and inspections during Monday’s committee of the whole meeting. The changes will go into effect in 2013.

Some of the increases include permits for finished basements, swimming pools, commercial kitchens, residential fences and underground storage tanks, which will increase an additional $50 per square foot. Permits for demolitions, alterations, remodeling, conversions will increase by $25,

Sprinkler systems, which were a minimum of $100 and an additional $25 per square foot, have changed to a minimum of $100 for residences and $300 for businesses. A copy of the changes are available in the PDF attached to this story.

Victor Pizzella, the city building inspector, said building fees were last changed in 2005.

Pizzella said he checked more than a dozen communities to compare their building fees with Peekskill’s rates. Pizzella said some communities might appear to have lower building permit fees, but they have additional fees that the city doesn't have.

“When you look at them on the surface, it’s hard to compare the apples to the apples and the oranges to the oranges,” Pizzella said.

Pizzella also said the city’s certificate of occupancy fees were lower than other communities that may have lower building permit fees. But Pizzella said the new fees are about average, or slightly above average compared to other communities.

Rachel September 28, 2012 at 01:19 AM
To what end? How does this benefit our city?
Silent Majority September 28, 2012 at 02:40 AM
Its smoke and mirrors so Queen Mary doesn't show a tax increase in the budget so that she can say that she kept the taxes at zero percent - no increase. BUT the citizens ARE NOT DUMB! Hope You Heard that MARY!
joshua tanner September 28, 2012 at 04:57 AM
Haha this was so predictable. Gannet ran an article a few weeks ago showing permit rates around the area. Peekskill was on the low end so you knew they were going to rush in and squeeze a few dollars more out of people. I even told my contractor friends to expect this. As if Peekskill needs more obstacles to improve its properties. The city would be better off trying to find ways to fine the out of town landlords that run the dumps. This city has so much litter around its incredible.
Leslie Lawler September 28, 2012 at 12:12 PM
The litter issue is Peekskill's biggest black eye. I live on the northern end of town. Joe's Mini-Market, on the corner of Constant and Highland, was identified as a "hot-spot" by Professor Claxton and Company during her infamous, yet non-sensical, Clean Initiative campaign. People frequent the store, and throw their lotto scratch-offs, ice cream wrappers, etc onto the surrounding residential neighborhood sidewalks -- which results in the homeowners having to clean up this garbage all day long. Neighbors requested a City bin which was put on the corner two years ago and alleviated almost all of the problem. It was REMOVED earlier this year, and I was told by the city it was because "people put their household garbage in those city bins." I kid you not. So the city now dissects and analyzes garbage. We asked that the bin be put back and it was. Recently, it was REMOVED AGAIN. I spoke with Mayor Foster on Monday who assured me it would be put back. Today is Friday and still no bin. Why I am livid? 1) Because there's a City bin in front of the Beanrunner, which is owned by Claxton, and one in front of the building owned by Foster on the 800 block of South Street. 2) Claxton lives up the block from me and I know she sees this everyday, but seemingly couldn't care less. Shame on them.
RealTimeRufus September 28, 2012 at 12:48 PM
Bolshevism - pure and simple. Billy Joel doesn't need you to worry for him 'cause he's all right. He doesn't need you to tell him it's time to go home.
Peter Goodson September 30, 2012 at 12:43 AM
No development has gone on in Peekskill since Foster, Klaxton and co. have had full control over the government. There was even a public admission recently that developers and others will not invest in the city or spend any money in the city because of the deplorable conditions there and the way the city is being run. So what is their response - to make it even more expensive to accomplish anything in Peekskill!


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