Officials Make $185K in Cuts to Peekskill Budget Proposal

The Peekskill Common Council is expected to present a revised budget proposal for 2013 during tonight's common council meeting.

The Peekskill Common Council has made about $185,000 in cuts to acting City Manager Brian Havranek’s $35.6 million budget proposal for 2013, according to city Comptroller Charles Emberger.

The tax levy for the Common Council’s budget would increase by 3.82 percent, Emberger said. Officials can increase the tax levy by about 5 percent under the state’s tax cap, once cap exceptions are figured in.

Officials are still making budget calculations and a firm number on the amount of city jobs that will be cut in the proposal will be made available during tonight’s Common Council meeting.

Tonight’s meeting is scheduled to take place 7:30 p.m. inside Peekskill city hall, located on 840 Main St.


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