Local Songwriter Dedicates 9/11 Song to Victims and Families

Joe Duraes will never forget people looking for missing friends and family following 9/11 and has dedicated a song to those who lost a loved one.

In the last ten years local singer/song-writer Joe Duraes moved from Brooklyn to Cortlandt, had a baby and went from a mid-town office in Manhattan to a home office in Cortlandt.

Reflecting on the tragic terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 and the current war in the Middle East, Duraes says, “it’s a mess. A lot can happen in ten years.”

Last year during the holiday season Duraes set out to finish a song he had been “tinkering” with for a few years, “Eyes Upon the Skyline.”

“The song is kind of a memoriam so I am hoping that what people get from it is a sense of remembering what happened and never forgetting,” Duraes explained.

“Eyes Upon the Skyline,” is Duraes’ personal account of the Sept. 11 tragedy.

He starts out on the subway to emerge onto the streets where people are panicking.

“Sea of people, shocked and confused; Spilling north on, Fifth Avenue; Siren’s scream, far and wide, ‘cause downtown’s burning, near the riverside,” goes Duraes’ second verse.

The song goes on to describe fliers on the walls seeking loved ones, and repeats the word remember many times.

Duraes explains that he could never forget the people missing and knowing that they were probably dead, which inspired him to dedicate his song to those families and victims.

To listen to Duraes song, visit his website.

Watch him perform at the Peekskill Coffee House in the video above.

He will also be performing at the Peekskill Coffee House this Friday, Sept. 16 at 8 p.m.


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