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This blog is designed to help build our community green team. Share what you’re doing to make our community “green” and we’ll post it on this blog.

I'm Dani Glaser, the founder of Green Team Spirit.  I help organizations start voluntary green teams where members work together to learn about sustainability (aka "going green) and take actions that will better their organization, the planet and themselves.  This approach really works!  People feel great about working as a team toward something that's so important to their lives.  Together they are saving energy, reducing waste, creating a healthier environment, saving money and having fun!  

A great local example is the Town of Cortlandt Green Team, started in May 2009.  With the support of Supervisor Linda Puglisi and Town Board members, staff from all departments have been working together to make town operations and the local community greener.  You can learn more by visiting www.RenewCortlandt.org.  

Help build our community Green Team!

I hear about green actions going on all over our community.  Can you only imagine the impact we'd make if we all worked together?  The goal of this blog is to:

1. Identify the people and groups in our community working toward sustainability (green projects).

2. Pool our efforts on a community Green Team.

2. Share your green stories and successes on this blog with others in the community. 

So tell me, what efforts/actions toward sustainability are going on in our schools, businesses, governments, non-profits, congregations, athletic teams and neighborhood groups?   Are you building a community garden?  Is your business reducing paper and recycling more?  Are students part of a green team at school?   Simply knowing what our community is up to is a great start!

You can post your comments on this blog for everyone to see or email your information to dani@greenteamspirit.com.

Go Green Team!

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Shar May 24, 2011 at 12:01 PM
I hope it is not another EPA green Czar who wants to push Cap and Trade down our throats...our community is very aware of keeping our area clean and green without our taxes going to pay for another rip-off artist.
John Dickerson May 24, 2011 at 02:01 PM
I'm with you, Shar. I too am skeptical about the green movement. From the "Climategate's fudging of temperature data to the unrealized forecasts of "dead oceans" and rising tides, to the changing of "global warming" into "climate change" ... the facts do not support the EPA's "save the planet" hysteria or its radical programs. The promise of "green" jobs seems to have been nothing more than an empty political slogan. Ethanol takes more energy to produce and deliver than the energy it releases when used in an automobile. It requires huge ongoing taxpayer funded subsidies and it has contributed to the rise the price of corn and thus much of our food. The Chicago Carbon Exchange had so little volume that the carbon trading market collapsed and the exchange closed last January. Now we're told that we have to convert toxic mercury light bulbs at $50.00 each beginning in 2012. It's beginning to look like one of the Soviet Union's, Red China's or Cuba's five year plans, conceived and run by people with no real business sense or acumen and only their left wing political dogma to guide them. What seems to be left of the green movement is a sincere and laudable desire fore clean air and water, a frightening and voracious appetite for government power and additional taxes that will choke our economy, and programs to indoctrinate our country's school children. Today's "green" looks a lot like the old "red". I yield back the balance of my time.
PR May 25, 2011 at 09:18 PM
Green teams have been popping up around the country. For the most part a green team is a group of people working together to help their immediate community stay clean and healthy. These groups are the 'sincere' folks who are putting in a 'laudible effort' to make a healthy change for the better where they live, work and raise their families. Awareness of how to avoid overrunning the planet with waste, toxins, and non biodegradable substances is a possitive thing that has to start somewhere. People need to spend more time becoming educated in clean energy options and positive change so that fear of conspiracy or improbable catastrophes do not prevent us from making positive changes moving forward. Awareness and education make the difference. Go Green Team!
Jill Selby May 26, 2011 at 02:45 PM
I agree. I didn't change careers for nothing and no, it's not the money. This is a serious issue. I am looking to help individuals, companies, parents etc. find alternatives to waste created at events and parties. Right now, parties and events are the 2nd most wasteful industries behind construction. When everything is dumped in a land fill or body of water. What do you think happens to your health?
Joanie D June 01, 2011 at 11:41 AM
John & Shar you have some legit concerns but unfortunately not all the info. CFL's or what you are calling toxic mercury lights are less toxic and put less breathable mercury in the air than the coal fired plants needed to fire up incandescent lights. Cap & trade is inferior as a way to alter usage & behavior. We should have a straight up Carbon Tax. Merely Caping then allowing overusers to trade with more responsible users doesn't address total global emmissions. A nice FAT tax on everything from gasoline in out cars, to cling film, to styrofoam, a forever petroleum product, will reflect the true cost to society that these items have. Petroleum products have undoubtably made out lives easier and cheaper but it is not sustainable to carry on with our short term conveniences at the expense of long term harm to human & animal health & the health of our planet overall. There is good & bad news all around it is our obligation to stay educated and use our critical faculties to form opinions not based on fear of change. for example: Check out mushroom & grain waste packaging to replace polystyrene and as a positive change while simultaneously learning more about our dwindling water supply and how something like hydro fracking uses millions of gallons of potentially drinkable water but after use renders it undrinkable. Finding alternate energies is good but reducing the need for them in the first place is even better. thanks for reading. Stay informed!
John Dickerson June 01, 2011 at 11:50 AM
"...coal fired plants needed to fire up incandescent lights...." What are you talking about, Joanie D? My incandescent lights work just fine on the electricity I get from Indian Point, or anywhere else for that matter. I hope you're not saying that the toxic mercury bulbs require special power sources. Maybe you've been reading too long by the light of one of those flickering curlicue light bulbs.
Joanie D June 04, 2011 at 11:56 PM
John, I love your engagement! Of course all bulbs work on the same electricity it's just that with only 12% coming from Indian point the balance comes from coal plants. When you compare the # of incandescent bulbs you'd need compared to one CFL and then compare the mercury from coal fire for those bulbs to that of the mercury in the CFL + the energy needed to power it, the mercury event for CFL is less. Also, although I am not necessarily against nuclear here are some items you may have not seen. enjoy this tidbit http://www.riverkeeper.org/news-events/news/stop-polluters/power-plant-cases/debunking-the-indian-point-energy-myth/
Dan Thaler June 05, 2011 at 12:51 AM
and if the term 'green' rubs you the wrong way, think of it as saving 'green', as in $$. My solar array went online 2 months ago and my last Con Ed bill was one fifth what it was last year...31 dollars, 66 kwh for the month
Earl June 05, 2011 at 11:43 AM
I have no problem with anyone "going green" it's when it is forced on me it becomes a problem. The market dictate when these things become viable. Just look- Obama's transportation secretary said he wanted European gas prices here to force people to buy smaller cars- and look they're almost there. People like JoanieD must not be feeling the effects of this disastrous economy- she wants everything taxed to death to try to force the issue. Thats brilliant- just what we need when we're on the cusp of a worsening recession or even a depression- and by the way- the light from even the best CFL is terrible, i've been stocking up on incandescants for a while. Just like I stocked up on gun parts and ammuntition when the assault weapons ban was enacted.
Jana June 12, 2011 at 01:51 AM
PART I: Shar, John and Earl the majority of scientists agree that the global warming effect is caused by human activity. It is well known that CO2 we produce traps the heat in the atmosphere what leads to increased temperatures. This causes the ice to melt, the oceans to rise and more and more people in the world don’t have access to drinking water. It is very unfortunate that the worst effects of the global warming are now becoming visible in the poorest parts of the world where the indigenous people contribute to the pollution the least. I strongly agree with Joanie D that WE SHOULD PUT TAX ON OIL. This is the only way how to make people in the rich countries to reduce their impact on the environment. I think that it is not fair that you had a chance to enjoy this life and you don’t want to give the same chance to the future generations. How are you going to explain to your grandchildren (or at least to my grandchildren) that there used to be polar bears when we were young, but they went extinct, because we didn’t want to forgo any luxury in our lives. Human kind is very selfish, we share this planet also with other species, but we often sadly forget about this fact. Are we really that materialistic?
Jana June 12, 2011 at 01:59 AM
PART II: I also don’t feel the effects of the current economy in my life. I do not earn much money, but my parents taught me to be modest and waste as little as possible. I never leave food in a restaurant and I never throw away food that is not spoiled. There is too much waste in our lives. For example, “According to Food Loss and the American Household, a 2006 study, American households throw away 14 percent of the food they purchase.” (source: http://www.epa.gov/osw/conserve/materials/organics/food/fd-gener.htm). If you have something to eat each day, your life is much better than that of 925 million undernourished people in the world. (source: http://www.worldhunger.org/articles/Learn/world%20hunger%20facts%202002.htm#Number_of_hungry_people_in_the_world) So let’s not be so selfish and start thinking about those millions of unfortunate people who do not have a problem to think about what light bulb to buy, because they cannot afford to buy any. Let’s not make their lives even harder by polluting this earth that we all share.
Shar August 18, 2011 at 09:49 PM
Excuse me, but there is no golbal warming...that has been proved over and over again. You are not paying attention.
Shar August 18, 2011 at 09:57 PM
Food at our house never goes wasted...I was always taught to remember the starving people in Africa and finish what is on my plate. That was 50 years ago and there are still starving people in the world. How dare you accuse people of not caring, you sanctimonious spirit of the Green team. Go where the starving people are located and help them...I DO! Stop your door to door preaching. You sound like a dead-end religion.
Shar August 20, 2011 at 01:46 AM
ICLEI .......is not about keeping the Earth clean...it is all about keeping you under the thumb of a Marxist movement.
Jill Selby September 12, 2011 at 06:11 PM
I would love continuing to share information I know with our community in my articles to allow you to find options. Something we are short of these days in most areas. I would love to hear about your interests
Shar September 13, 2011 at 01:27 AM
What are the penalties if a company in Peekskill or anywhere breaks a Green Law policy? What fees do you charge?
Shar September 13, 2011 at 01:30 AM
SAID just like a bleeding heart Liberal....all BS
Jana September 23, 2011 at 10:44 PM
PART I: Shar, clearly you have very negative opinion about protecting our environment. I would love to learn why that is. I am afraid that you have wrong information about the reality and would like to point you to some of the sources that I use to educate myself on the issue. I would love to hear from you about the sources that you use as I would love to extend my knowledge and compare the facts on the both sides of the argument. If you don’t have a chance to travel, please read and try to understand science, so you can see what is happening outside of your own backyard. According to the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report: “Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, as is now evident from observations of increases in global average air and ocean temperatures, widespread melting of snow and ice and rising global average sea level.” In addition: “Global atmospheric concentrations of CO2, methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) have increased markedly as a result of human activities since 1750 and now far exceed pre-industrial values determined from ice cores spanning many thousands of years.” (source: http://www.ipcc.ch/publications_and_data/publications_ipcc_fourth_assessment_report_synthesis_report.htm)
Jana September 23, 2011 at 10:44 PM
PART II: Recently, there was Climate Reality Project - 24 Hours of Reality (http://climaterealityproject.org/) streamed around the whole world bringing the facts about the climate crisis to the public. Please check out at least one of the videos to see what global warming is causing around the world. At the end of each one hour video there is a short discussion with scientists about the issues. Other sources to consider: http://nas.nasonline.org http://www.realclimate.org/ http://www.350.org/ http://environment.harvard.edu/ http://blogs.ei.columbia.edu/
Jana September 23, 2011 at 10:55 PM
Let me ask you this: If you buy products that pollute the environment and support businesses that pollute as well, why the clean up has to be paid from tax money that I paid from my income??? And why my tax money has to go to health care to treat people with respiratory deceases from air pollution? Is this fair? This pollution caused by companies is called negative externalities and each company should be responsible for the cost of these externalities. Definition of externality: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Externality.
Jana September 23, 2011 at 10:56 PM
How would you go about keeping the Earth clean?
Shar September 24, 2011 at 12:52 AM
What you are doing is PUSHING Agenda 21 on unsuspecting citizens around the World who haven't a CLUE what the EPA, ICLEI is all about. Little by little the environmentalist will take control of every move you make on your property and the fines will be so great that home owners cannot afford to live in their own home and business will be same. The future is not a pretty picture for sure if you let EPA and ICLEI into your community.
Shar September 24, 2011 at 01:00 AM
Jana, I have a positive opinion on protecting the communities from being overtaken by the likes of EPA and ICLEI. Most people care about the environment and it is up to our towns to take care of our land and water....not for ICLEI to goose step into our cities and take over. http://www.freedomadvocates.org/articles/illegitimate_government/iclei_primer:_your_town_and_freedom_threatened_20090804364/
Shar September 24, 2011 at 01:07 AM
ICLEI methods include infiltrating local government. Organization representatives seek to be hired into local planning departments or they provide “toolkits” to staff. Too many elected officials such as Cool Mayors allow ICLEI to influence policy changes through the use of funding incentives and rewards. While some of these policies sound good on the surface, they result in consequences such as: High-density housing scams Traffic congestion Open space where access is not allowed Government “partnering” with favored private businesses and non-profit agencies, using your tax money Undermining Constitutional administration of government Managed control over your life Mismanagement of public utilities Prohibitions on natural resource management leading to increased fire hazards, lack of water, and private property restrictions, Increased taxes, fees, regulations and restrictions Is ICLEI running your town or coming to a town near you? Are your elected officials being lured into enacting ridiculous rules and regulations in exchange for funding? Do your elected officials know that there are long term consequences to their irresponsible actions? Currently there are more than 550 communities in North America paying membership dues to ICLEI. Upon becoming a member of ICLEI, members become governed by ICLEI Charter. If your community is one of these, you are paying for the loss of your unalienable rights.
Shar September 24, 2011 at 01:51 AM
Global warming is a hoax.... http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/07/the_global_warming_hoax_how_soon_we_forget.html


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