Food Renaissance for Better Health

If there is a Food Renaissance, let it be a Food Renaissance for Better Health.

by Mary Jo and Chris Sarro

“Striving to do what is difficult can give everyone hope.”

Sharing a Personal Renaissance

A renaissance is a rebirth, a revival, a renewal. The greatest problem is that people give up. If you believe that nothing can be done, then nothing will be done.

When hundreds of millions of people are obese and others are thin and have resources and still are not receiving the nutrition they require, it is quite clear that food choices are not serving society well. Despite the enormous challenges, together we can improve our health and lower our costs.

We developed a simple lifestyle that takes a fresh look at nutrition. It is the same kitchen, the same grocery stores and the same basic food. What’s different? Our insights and perspective! You have the power within you to transform your life.

We believe in Enjoying Food for Better Health.

The breakthrough for us came from delivering nutrition in a delicious way in all of our food, within a reasonable amount of calories, each and every day. It is not just about the calories. Past experiences of watching calories with foods that contain "empty calories" have undermined even the most determined people. Many people who diet seem to lose weight for awhile and then hit a wall and eventually quit. Without the synergy of our approach and our combinations of food, we would have experienced limited results.

Your greatest asset is an open mind and the willingness to be a lifetime learner. Delicious and nutritious food can be an incredible opportunity to improve your life and health. We focused on getting the energy we needed throughout the day. That is vital requirement to everyone of every age, size, shape and weight.

At home, at the workplace, at a restaurant or on the go, understanding how food affects your body will empower you to make great food choices for the rest of your life. The sustainability continues from having the patience to allow the nutritious food to do its good work over an extended period of time, without needing to rely on external, artificial or imposed motivation.

It is not a cookie cutter set of rules constricting you or dictating what food you can or cannot have to eat. It is empowering you to talk with your doctor and to open up your own mind to develop a sustainable way of life that will work for you. Every day, we are adding new meals that are available to everyone. Many people who are under an existing program or doctor's care will have a wider array of choices and information to help them to follow their program and achieve their goals.

It is a practical resource guide for individuals, families, companies, organizations, human resources, restaurants, cafeterias, food pantries, doctors, hospitals, health departments, government agencies, and civic leaders. People are extremely vulnerable to weight gain at the workplace and we will assist companies with simple innovations to improve quality of life and reduce health care costs.

The delicious and nutritious flavors are ever-changing and never get old. That approach can keep life interesting for you and can help you to stay motivated as you enjoy your own personal healthy lifestyle in a demanding real world of responsibilities and challenges. We are all being asked to do more with less. We all need practical information to make that possible.

Living in a Food Renaissance

Delicious and nutritious food is a powerful source of daily energy that can result in a natural increase in productive activity and reasonable exercise throughout the course of the entire day.

One of the primary challenges for everyone is Time. The approach that we have shared may help you to develop your own way to get the energy and nutrition that you require throughout the day, within a busy and challenging schedule. A sustainable approach to food and nutrition could provide the energy that you need to pursue your dreams at any age and to create a personal renaissance in your life.

There is a great deal of interest and activity around food. Food shows, blogs, recipes and products are growing. Healthy recipes alone have never been enough to address the daunting challenge. An enjoyable, practical, comprehensive approach to food can be developed and implemented, immediately, by people everywhere. If everyone could experience a personal renaissance and share new discoveries to enjoy food for better health, the creative energy could be amazing. The Hudson Valley Region is an ideal setting to launch such a Food Renaissance.

Food Education and Renaissance

Food education can be shared. Understanding how to prepare food with spices and herbs can empower everyone to make flavorful food choices. Each person can contribute to this renaissance, with simple acts of friendship. Food can be our universal language that brings everyone together in a celebration of life. Every culture has something interesting to offer. We all have something to learn. Individual creativity can burst onto the scene, with the purpose and the potential to improve everyone’s health.

"If there is a Food Renaissance, let it be a Food Renaissance for Better Health."

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