We Don't Have Superman's Eyesight

Finding your home is a necessity if its on the market for sale.

As a realtor, I am constantly driving around looking for house numbers. It is remarkable to me how many people, including those who have a home on the market, have numbers placed in a manner that makes it difficult to see them from the street.

Having to slow down on a busy street to read house numbers causes the drivers behind me to get upset, so I try to pull over and walk if I think I am close. In order to know if I am close, I need to be able to see the numbers of other homes as well, and this is easier said than done. Sometimes, I feel like certain streets are playing a trick when none of the homes have numbers on them!

There are even some areas where house numbers are not consecutive. For instance, on one street in Edgemont, house #70 comes before house number #66, but after house #72. I can’t fathom why they are addressed in non-consecutive order, but alas, unless the house numbers are prominently displayed, no one will know where the house for sale is.

I wish I had Superman's eyesight, but sometimes it’s just impossible to see a house number that's above the garage, behind four cars and the large branches extending out from that beautiful Oak tree.

My other favorites are the homes which have the numbers written out in long script. While I am not illiterate, it can often be difficult to quickly decipher the written-out numbers. Take a look at the photos attached to this article. One of the photos shows a home which sits quite far back from the street. The other photo shows the written-out numbers of the home which are located by the front door. While there is a mailbox by the street, there are no numbers on them. Before the house was listed on the market, the first thing we did was to install bright, bold and clear numbers on the mailbox so everyone could easily find the property.

Part of my recommendations to a seller includes the placement of its house numbers in a prominent position so that anyone driving by will see it. With over 90% of customers starting their search on the internet, many will drive by a property to take a look at the house and area to determine if they want to schedule an appointment. We should do everything possible to make it easy for people to find a house, particularly when it is on the market.

Granted, our family and friends know where we live. However we do make new friends, receive deliveries and might even need assistance in an emergency. Wouldn’t it be easier to have prominent house numbers identifying your property so that everyone who would like to reach you will easily do so? As part of your spring clean-up outside, perhaps you will take a look at the placement of your house number–especially if you are currently listed on the market, or about to list.


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