What Went Wrong with the Right?

There are two IN numbers the OUTs fell far short of reaching: 270 + 1600.

First, fellow Americans, let us put aside differences and plug-ugly Facebook posts to unite in congratulating those who fought so hard on our behalf to represent our best interests, and those who fought even harder and won. They all, each and every, deserve our thanks for stepping up to the precipice of public service, where the mighty can fall and the fallen can fool to rule again.

While crafty Karl -- President George W. Bush’s vaunted ex-Brain and now-Fox News analyst – probably still is roving Ohio’s returns in hopes his man Mitt Romney still might win the election, the most honest, self-aware and unself-serving of Republicans, fighting a hangover, are offering sober, candid assessments of what went so wrong with the right.

Past Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, at the close of MSNBC’s Nov. 7 Morning Joe, summed up succinctly one over-riding reason for the GOP going kerplop: “Every month, 50,000 Latinos come of voting age. What are Republicans going to do about that?” The re-elected President Obama, according to one source, commanded 75% of the Latino vote, a tres-a-uno margin.


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bruiser November 11, 2012 at 09:04 PM
Jenga the reason the Republicans lost the Presidential election is because anyone who really paid attention could not trust Romney. Romney did it to himself with his statements to the extreme right to achieve greatness, and then his move to the center which totally contradicted his earlier statements. The prime example was the “47%” statement. He proved himself to be not trustworthy and that is a fact. I will also say that people like Rush Limbaugh,Shawn Hannity,Bill O'reilly,and many others who lean way to the right did not help his cause either. Bottom line he was a disaster of a candidate.
joshua tanner November 11, 2012 at 10:12 PM
Obama said people can keep their health-care and they can't. He said he would be most transparent pres in history and would put health bill on CSPAN - he isn't and he didn't. Obama said Benghazi was caused by a video and it wasn't. Obama said he wouldn't borrow from China like a credit card and he does. Obama said the Bush spending was immoral and he would ended it - he exceeded it exponentially. Obama said Israel was a friend and he is throwing them under a bus (and helping Muslim Brotherhood - who helped knock down WTC). Obama lies more than any public figure I've ever seen. The idea Romney is not trustworthy and Obama is is psychotic in the extreme.
bruiser November 11, 2012 at 11:23 PM
Joshua it doesn't matter anymore,Obama is the president for another 4 years and what i hope is both sides of the isle does what's best for our country.
Teleman November 12, 2012 at 01:39 AM
Actually, it matters a whole lot- especially if he continues to accelerate the decline of the country. Like I said, he's about giving out free stuff and spending huge amounts of taxpayer money to "invest" in "programs" to "help" people. This is not so much about what kind of candidate Romney was, it's about bama and his lies and vitriolic campaign of destroying a good man.
bruiser November 12, 2012 at 02:29 AM
Jenga again i do not want to argue,but i feel you are dead wrong, 1st there are 100 senators,and 435 house members who are in charge of the money and i know you know that.I will say this for you you sure are persistant in your dislike of Obama,but to blame just the President is wrong and if your honest you will at least admit that.As for lies they all do it not one excluded,and again if your an honest person Romney told his fair share,i myself have been watching Romney for a long time and i am sorry to report he is phony and as crooked as the day is long, A question my friend,if Romney was so good why is it he only held govenor for one term,here is a hint,because he never would have won a second term and that is why he lost his own state by 19%.


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