Locals Learn How to Make Mozzarella and Pasta at Hilltop Hanover Farm Class

Delicious recipes that are easy to make

hosted a Pasta and Mozzarella making class on Saturday that was led by Ed Trotta, owner of Trotta's Pasta in Thornwood.  

Using curd and warm water, Trotta demonstrated how to make mozzarella by creating a long, pliable piece of cheese which he formed into a ball, cooled in some water and then cut up into slices. He placed the cut cheese on a plate with fresh tomatoes, basil and a little olive oil as an appetizer dish.

He then showed the class how to make pasta using a mix of durham and semolina flours, eggs and a little water. Once the mix was formed, Trotta rolled out the dough, ran it through the pasta machine and cut the pressed dough into different shapes.

Trotta cooked some pasta, poured some pre-made sauce over it and invited the class to enjoy his freshly made dishes.

Class members were given bags of flour, containers of curd and cooking instructions so that they could make these simple recipes at home.

Upcoming classes at Hilltop Farms include: Planning your late-season vegetable garden on July 30; Preserving the harvest-pickling and jam-making on July 31.

Susan Troop July 27, 2011 at 08:28 PM
My daughter participated in this workshop and she made Mozzarella for us the next day. She served it with roasted cherry tomatoes and it was perfect. I can't wait for the pasta!


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