Cute Costumes, Cool Characters at Cortlandt Halloween Parade (PHOTO GALLERY)

Kids ages two to 14 came out to the Cortlandt Town Center to strut their stuff in costume for the town's 35th Annual Halloween Parade.

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A winter wonderland scene outside of the Cortlandt Town Center conflicted with the more seasonally appropriate scene inside-more than 150 costumed children parading around and asking for candy.

Inside the heart of the shopping center the dozens of kids and parents celebrated Halloween at the Town of Cortlandt Recreation Department's 35th annual parade.

Led by the sounds of Tj Tomlin Dixieland All Stars, both parents and children circled around the inside of the building, while members of the town's Recreation Department handed out large bags filled with different types of Halloween candy, which was generously donated to the event by the shopping center's Wal-Mart.

After the marching had concluded the children each received a trophy for their participation in the parade. 

"This is a much better turn out than we expected with the weather predictions," said Lesley Bornstein, the town's Recreation Supervisor. "It's a smaller crowd than we usually have. We typically get about 250 kids, but we're glad people came out in spite of the weather."

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fran November 01, 2011 at 09:00 PM
Kudos to the author. Love these local stories. Keep it up, Laura. Keep em coming...


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