2 Peekskill Residents Reenlist with NY National Guard

Peekskill residents Mario Alava and Stacy Hernandez have reenlisted with the New York National Guard.

Major General Patrick A. Murphy, the Adjutant General, announced Thursday the recent reenlistment of two Peekskill residents to the New York Army National Guard in recognition of their continuing commitment to serve community, state and nation as part of the Army National Guard.

Sergeant First Class Stacey Hernandez from Peekskill, NY has reenlisted to continue service with the 727th Military Police Detachment Law and Order.

Sergeant First Class Mario Alava from Peekskill, NY has reenlisted to continue service with the Headquarters, 106th Regiment (Regional Training Institute).

"Over the past 3 years the New York Army National Guard has come from far below authorized strength to 100 percent strength," Murphy said in remarks to the force. "Our priority is to provide ready forces for both state and federal missions and readiness starts with maintaining our strength."

"We have more than 16,000 men and women in the Army and Air National Guard with each individual member having an important role."
For more information about the New York Army National Guard, visit www.dmna.ny.gov or www.1800goguard.com.


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