Hen Hud History Students Watch Their Own Special Brackets

Hendrick Hudson High School’s Social Studies students are celebrating the madness of March in a slightly different way this year. As the NCAA basketball championship reaches its big weekend crescendo, Hen Hud students are watching their own US and Global history brackets.  Working with an idea from Gus Egan, a Yorktown high school teacher, 90 students in grades 9 through 12 completed US History brackets and another 70 completed Global History brackets.


Social Studies teachers at Hen Hud set up the competition, working together to figure out the individuals, regions, and the ‘master bracket.’ Teachers also picked the winners and are using that information to award points to students. First, second, and third place winners will win gift cards.


In these photos, students can be seen checking the brackets with the same level of enthusiasm that sports fans follow the NCAA results. “It’s generated great discussions and disagreements among the students—really great to hear in the hallway,” one faculty member said.



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